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I love “What’s In My Bag” posts & Youtube videos. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe it is because you can tell a lot about a person by what is in their bag. At first glance my bag says that I am no fuss, but won’t sacrifice style (& that I used to work with Thirty One, lol…because I did not pay for that purse, my wallet, or my little bits bag). It also says that I am hyper-organized & clean out my purse regularly (FYI- this is literally all the contents of my purse with the exception of an appointment card & a gas receipt, which I would have included had I thought about it). A messy purse gets heavy & frustrates the dickens out of me so I keep it really neat & tidy.


Purse: Thirty One Miles Of Style in Camel. This is a medium-sized bag [that is totally my opinion, but I used to be a BIG bag lady before I had kids, so this is medium to me]. You can wear it on your arm [so chic & current] or cross-body [so functional & current]. When I left TO back in February, I had a retirement party just so that I could get this bag for free & I did. This bag is regularly $88 & honestly, it is worth every penny, but we just didn’t have that money at the time, so I pushed to earn it. If you have never tried Thirty One, I highly recommend it. They are a great company that spoils their consultants & cares deeply about their customers. Well worth the price you pay.

Notebook & Pens: I got the notebook from this cute little shop in Maine. I absolutely love anything paper related & just had to have something from this super cute shop. Plus, what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t carry around an ideas book. You just never know when inspiration will hit. The pens are a standard $.98 Bic ballpoint & its opposite friend, a $6 Le Pen, which writes beautiful & thick lines.

Current Read: One of my many current reads is The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. I realize most people read this a while ago & everyone is onto her new book, but when I read this the first time it just wasn’t hitting home. I went to pick a new book out of book drawer last week & just felt this one calling to me. In this current statge of life & business it just felt like a good time to try to read it again.

Balm & gloss: Honest Company lip balm is awesome. It doesn’t dry out my lips because it doesn’t have any alcohol in it, which a lot of balms do [counter productive if you ask me] & it’s organic, which makes it all the better. I always have lip gloss or something with a bit of color with me. I have realized as I have gotten older, how much the color of youth fades, so we need to add it back in thanks to chemistry. This line of gloss is no longer available [yet, I look every time I go to the store], so I am hanging on to every last drop.

Little Bits: The bag is a Mini Zipper Pouch from Thirty One & it holds all those little things that you can’t ever find [more on this later]

Wallet: This is also a Thirty One product. I used to carry their All About The Benjamins wallet, but just switched it out a few weeks ago because I needed something more compact. They don’t sell this wristlet anymore, but have some things similar to it. I got this one in my kit when I joined & found it a few months ago stuck behind a drawer one day when I was cleaning. I like th zipper closer & that I can put my keys & phone inside if I just need to run out really quickly.

Scented Bag: I have a 2 year old…do I really need to explain? Didn’t think so. Moving on…

Training pants: Not for me, for the two-year old.

Sanitizing Wipes: They don’t really need explanation, but I will say these Babyganics wipes are one of two brands that don’t irritate my daughter’s skin [no alcohol] & I am kind of a germ freak.

iPhone 5- I only get phones when mine don’t work anymore, so you will only see me with the latest & greatest every few years. It works great & does exactly what I need it to do.



The Little Bits bag has all of those little things you *might* need but hate when they just roll around at the bottom of your bag, so I recommend corraling those suckers.

Tampons: Again, do we need explanation here. However, these are Honest Company organic tampons. I just can’t think about using regular ones after learning what I have.

Lotion: This is Jamberry Nourish lotion. I got this a while ago in a gift set around Christmas time [not even this past christmas]. I am sure it is probably expired, but it still works & is the perfect size. Plus it has a light, clean scent & doesn’t make your hands feel waxy.

Mineral Fusion Foundation: I don’t really keep make-up with me except for lip gloss; but this is a tinted, powder sunblock. Perfect for when your face, neck, or chest is exposed to the sun, but you don’t want to ruin your makeup with sunscreen.

Sunscreen: My kids have fair skin & I am horrible about putting sunscreen on them every day, so I have learned to carry it with me just incase we find ourselves outside in the sun for a while. This is also Babyganics.

Rescue inhaler: My son & I both have asthma. Even though I carry this mainly for him, mine does flare up every now & then.

Essential Oils: I am an oily girl. I love them & *always* have them with me. If you are interested I carry lavender, tea tree, lemon, an allergy blend, a citrus & vanilla blend that I use as perfume, an emotional/stress blend, respiratory blend, immunity blend, & a bug repellant blend.

I guess that is me in a nutshell [or a bag you could say….bahaha!]. So now I want you to go over to Instagram or Facebook & tell me what is the most useful, but random thing in your purse. I look forward to hearing your answers.

Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen

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