What’s A Lazy Day? 

As a mom to little kids, the term “lazy day” is fluid. A lazy day could be a day we don’t have anything to planned or don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time, but those kind of days tend to be stressful ones for this girl. 

A lazy day could also be a day where the kids are at their grandparents’ house. But whatever it may be, whether it be a lazy day or just a few lazy hours, it needs to be quiet & peaceful. For those few hours , I usually prefer to be somewhere other an my house, where I will end up doing something the needs to be done, like cleaning. It needs to be filled with what I want to do, like reading or writing or just browsing. 

Coffee is usually involved, in some way, at some point. Why? Because coffee is recreational for me & helps me to slow down & appreciate quiet. Coffee & coffee consumption could be considered a hobby for me. It is a lazy time must have. No lazy moment is complete without coffee or a bookstore. 


Marissa Dodgen of Honey Flavored Lemonade 

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