What? My Blog Is Older Than My Child

I realized something the other day…I have been blogging for 7 years…SEVEN! That’s crazy!

7 years ago, I started this journey as a photographer. My first blog was called Butterfly On A Subway (inspired by my favorite movie ever). While I pursued photography, I worked full-time managing a business office for an assited living & I also went to school full-time at night for a business degree.

*Sidebar: I get asked a lot how I manage so much at one time; but to be honest- after these ^ few years of life, I learned how to juggle multiple plates of different sizes. Being hyper or obsessively organized doesn’t hurt either.

After college, I continued photography, substituted my full-time job for full-time mommy-hood. Soon after we added on another kid. And because apparently I didn’t think I had enough to do, I started with not 1, but 2, direct sales businesses. All while blogging.

Shortly after my daughter was born (in the midst of all that ^), God began working. He began speaking in my heart & stripping away passions, but my passion for writing was ignited, as was my passion & desire to teach & talk & share. Still, I continued to blog. For those of you that have been reading for years, you have seen some of these life transitions take place right in front of you.

One by one, God began to widdle down these areas of my life & uncovered a passion I had known was there all along. Writing.

Dream & keep on dreamingI have always felt God has blessed me with a voice. But I thought it was a voice for singing. But again & again, no was all that came from that. All along my voice was to be used through words, not melodies & lyrics. It was meant for speaking & writing.

I should have seen that writing on the walls, back when I wrote hundreds of books in elementary school -or- when I read at breakfast every morning between 2nd & 4th grade -or- when I planned to study journalism in college & then go to New York to be a writer– that should have been a dead giveaway right there. Words have always come back around for me somehow & God has always delicately peeled back layers as He revealed His plan.

So, as I think back on seven years of blogging, I want to encourage you….try stuff out. Don’t be scared to try it out. That thing you want to give a shot, do it. You may feel flakey for trying out so many different things, people may roll their eyes at your new venture, but ignore those eyes, some are truly envious & the rest simply don’t understand. That “trying-out” process usually leads you to what you love the most. Everything I have done & tried out has played a part in bringing me face to face with my passion & my dream. Without each of these steps I wouldn’t have the tools I need now to do this. So……

Dream on my friend, dream on.

Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen

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