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If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have posted before as to why I don’t get around to taking too many toddler meal pictures. Simple fact is…I don’t get to plate them; the meal is usually just thrown on the high chair tray. As of lately, it is thrown on the tray while my fingers are crossed that she will eat it. Miss A is becoming quite the finicky eater…errggh toddlers. These meals are actually pretty normal meals for her & well-rounded at that.

Our challenge with meals outside of the finickiness is that Miss A is in this stage of one meal she wants to feed herself & the next wants you to feed her. She also likes to eat what I am eating. Those have made it challenging to get her to eat but also to find things that she can eat herself. I haven’t been able to get her to eat yogurt, applesauce, or anything that requires me to feed her most of the time; so to say the beginnings of toddler life are a difficult time period for eating is probably a good blanket statement for most families. 

Toddler Meals

Clementines & Organic Grilled Chicken- I can’t give her citrus or acidic food very often because she gets diaper rash very quickly. I think this is about half of a clementine & then about a quarter of a chicken breast that I cut into small pieces & then smashed, between my fingers, as I gave it to her.

Toddler Meals 4

Black Beans & Organic Corn, Organic Mexican Chicken, & Avocados- This meal was a hit. She loves avocados & chicken (really she likes any meat; I have yet to see a meat that she hasn’t devoured). The beans & corn are flavored with a little cumin & cilantro & I think where used in burritos for my husband & I. 

Toddler Meals 3

Organic American Cheese, Organic Strawberries, & Avocados- I try to give A mostly plant-based meals. I like to know that she is getting the majority of her nutrition from plants (fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds) & then I try to accompany it with organic meat & dairy about once a day. I am not of the mind-set at all that my kids need meat at every meal, as long as they have some source of protein, carbohydrates, & fiber…I am happy. 

Weekly Round Up || Toddler Meals || Honey Flavored Lemonade

Vegetable Beef Soup- She LOVED this soup. I personally think that variety of tastes & textures what a big hit with her. This has organic beef, green beans, new potatoes (I use canned potatoes because I can’t touch raw potatoes. Unfortuately, I have yet to find organic ones), organic crushed tomatoes, onions, organic green peas, garlic, & organic corn. This is a good recipe because most of it comes from canned vegetables or frozen vegetables. Good pantry staple meal.

Toddler meals around our house are much different from kid meals because A isn’t allergic to anything that we know of; so where her brother is wheat-free, egg-free, cow’s milk-free, soy-free, & peanut-free, A doesn’t have any restrictions other than having only a few teeth. However, I am very picky about what she eats. I try to avoid the Top 8 allergens based solely on our family history of allergies, but when she does eat them, they are from trustworthy, organic sources. She eats mostly plant-based & may or may not get a meat everyday. Although, I have learned this girl loves cheese; cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk…it doesn’t matter. If it is cheese she will eat it. I try hard to give her whole grains & lot of fruits & veggies. As the moment, she is going through a stage where she only wants milk (her version of milk is plain almond milk just like brother). I am going to try smoothies with her when I replace the blender that broke. 

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