Weekly Round Up- My Meals || Whole Food, Real Food

One of my favorite things about bloggers, is when they post things about their day-to-day life. I love that personal perspective (which is probably why I LOVE Instagram so much). With the Weekly Round Up, I like to give a glimpse into meals from our day-to-day life. So far it has just been my son’s meals, but I realize that would get boring. So today’s Weekly Round Up is my meals.

Now before we proceed, I couldn’t believe how many times I forgot to take a picture of what I ate before I ate it, lol. So please excuse the not so great picture quality this week, when I remembered I just took a picture with whatever was close, which usually my phone. I did remember to take a few pictures before devouring my food a few times though. This, also, is not from the same day. It has literally taken all week to get all my meals & snacks in pictures, but it is still a good glimpse of how I eat. 
Weekly Round Up- my meals starbucks breakfast

I could have easily left out the not-so-great parts of my diet, but you develop trust in honesty, so I’m showing you one of my vices & KIR… keeping it real! Starbucks. I have tried to kick this habit so many times, I can’t even count, but I just can’t. I am fully aware that it is all kinds of bad for me. I know that it is not in any way shape or form a whole food drink. But it is one of the very few areas in my life, I have not been able to make over. We all have them, so just KIR. This was Monday morning. I grabbed my drink after dropping off my son at school & came home to write. I come home, lay the baby down for her nap, & jump right on my computer & start working. Usually, I don’t eat breakfast, I eat brunch. I don’t normally carve out time in the morning to eat unless I am starving. 

a proper, but light breakfast for the Weekly Round Up

Starving was the case this morning. My stomach was growling when a certain 3-year-old climbed into my bed at 5:30am (I’m guessing! I refused to look at the clock). I am not a big breakfast person. I don’t like to eat heavy in the morning, so when I do eat first thing it is usually a bowl of cereal, fruit, or a smoothie when my blender isn’t broken. Since my kids eat bananas like monkeys in a zoo, they are always around. I ate the banana while scrolling through Instagram & finished it off with one of my favorite morning drinks (FYI: I usually only get Starbucks when I run out of this). Califia Farms makes some amazing cold-brew, almond milk coffee. So yummy & so much better for you. The ingredient list is super short & it is a non-GMO product which I really like. This morning I was drinking the Mocha one. 

Weekly Round Up || My Meals|| Honey Flavored Lemonade

While we are on the subject of breakfast, one thing I have been trying to do lately at the urging of a friend, was to start drinking warm lemon water (I haven’t brought myself to add cayenne pepper yet). I drink this first thing in the morning after waking up. I do it before yoga & my bible study. I warm the water up in the microwave (yes…I own a microwave {{{gasp}}}) & then add a little honey & a slice of lemon. I just kind of down this & go on with my day. I can’t say that I enjoy it, but I do like knowing that there are all kinds of benefits to drinking water first thing in the morning & lemon too. My friend over at Thrive To Live wrote a good article about it a few weeks ago, check it out here.

Weekly Round Up || My Meals || Whole Food

Because I actually ate breakfast this morning, I was already hungry come mid-morning [eating breakfast first thing in the morning breaks the fast your body has been on through out the night. If you are trying to lose or maintain weight, start with breakfast. It gives your metabolism a boost & it burns calories better through out the rest of the day, which is why it is said to be the most important meal of the day]. In the food world, especially the whole food world, there has been a ton of talk lately about avocado toast. So this morning, I decided to give it a try since we had half an avocado in the fridge. We don’t own a toaster, so I stuck my sprouted honey-wheat bread under the broiler for about 30 seconds on one side & then flipped it over for another 30 seconds. I spread half of the half of avocado over the toast, added a little freshly cracked black pepper, a sprinkle of red pepper flakes & a squeeze of lime juice & put it back under the broiler for about 30-40 seconds. I actually sat there with the oven cracked open & watched it so it didn’t burn. The result: I am in love. I see why people like it so much…yum! It is yummy & buttery & feels kinda of decadent, but isn’t at all. 


Weekly Round Up || My Meals || Real Food, Whole Food

This was a brunch/lunch meal while I waited for an Amy’s Broccoli & Cheddar bowl to cook (I ate the entire thing before I remembered to take a pic…whoops!). This is an everything salad (meaning I just put everything I can think of in it) from dinner the night before with organic, balsamic vinaigrette on the top. This was another meal eaten at my desk. Looking at the picture makes me want another one too! 


Weekly Round Up || My Meals|| Real Food, Whole Food

Weekly Round Up || My Meals || Real Food, Whole Food

These are both dinners from earlier this week. If you follow me on Instagram, you will recognize one of these from earlier this week. I am firm believer (although my belief is a converted one) that dinner doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious. The first picture is two grilled cheese sandwiches (sprouted wheat bread with Earth Balance spread & organic american cheese, cooked on the George Foreman grill) & steamed asparagus. My husband had a Panini with turkey & bacon that night in case you where wondering. The second picture is Wednesday night’s meal. A roasted chicken breast with roasted broccoli & asparagus. That whole meal didn’t even take 30 minutes to prepare & it is all done in the oven. So easy & quick. 

So that’s it for this week. Maybe next time, I will be able to get it all done in one day, lol! Did you like this post? Let me know here or over on Instagram. I post my meals more frequently over there. If you like this, check out these “What I Ate” posts from Thrive To Live, Detoxinista, & Against All Grain





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