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Today’s Weekly Round Up is meal ideas for kids. This is a glimpse into my son’s last week of meals, either school lunches for Mother’s Day Out or lunches at home. Hopefully, these round ups are an easy way to give you tired mammas & daddies out there some ideas to add a little life into your or your child’s diet.

I know for me, even being the food fanatic that I am, the daily task of putting together meals that my kids will eat is monotonous & ever challenging. One week he can’t get enough bananas & the next he doesn’t want anything to do with them [the latter would be this week]. How in the world are we supposed to keep up with the demands of a preschoolers palate? Goodness.

 This was actually my son’s lunch today; being wheat-free, sandwiches are not an easy or cheap option for him, but he loves waffles, so I used a Van’s Gluten & Egg Free waffle as his bread for a sunflower butter & jelly sandwich. I also gave him 1 clementine (the bright spot of winter fruits & veggies), red pepper sticks, & So Delicious dairy-free coconut yogurt. Kid Food 6


This was a Thursday afternoon’s lunch, something quick to avoid a meltdown: Earth Fare brand organic all beef hotdogs, Coconut yogurt, Kettle brand potato chips (I like these chips because they are non-GMO which is super important if it is not organic), & organic ketchup that is free from high fructose corn syrup. 
Kid Food 5


Another school lunch. I think this was Friday’s lunch: Applegate Farms organic Ham, Kettle potato chips, coconut yogurt, & that dreaded banana lol. 

Kid Food 4


This lunch was a hit. It was a hit for dinner too. The recipe is finally complete & will be posted soon. This is my Taco Chili with Garden of Eating non-GMO tortilla chips (if you are not eating organic corn or corn products, please please get certified non-GMO corn products) & a banana. Kid Food 3


This was the meal that resulted from the Cooking With Kids post last week. Our son was super excited to eat what he helped make & he at it all. Chicken Strips, Cascadian Farm’s Spud Puppies & BBQ Sauce. Weekly Round Up- Kid Meals

So that is this week’s round up. Liked what you saw? Want to share your own ideas or get more ideas? Follow me on Instagram for more daily inspiration. Use the hashtag #hflmealroundup to share your inspiration & as always, please don’t forget to share some comment love below….

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