We Don’t Have To Do It Alone || Marissa Dodgen

Last week I posted this picture on Instagram

Jessica & I didn’t plan to meet. She just happened to be walking up to the same coffee shop I was going to. She stopped to talk to people & I went & ordered my coffee. As we both waited for our writing fuel, we chatted (you know because that is what you do when you unexpectedly run into a friend that doesn’t make it awkward & make you want to run away- all my fellow introverts out there know what I am talking about). Anyway….

We started talking about life & church & ministry & writing. We decided to sit at the same table & work together. We didn’t talk the whole time. She worked on her stuff. I worked on my stuff. They only time we really launched into conversation was when the internet was so slow we found ourselves tapping the table & starrring at one another.

After about quite a few minutes of internet issues, we just started to pick each other’s brains about what we were individually working on. As I was sitting there hashing out details & ideas & names & frustrations with Jess, something occured to me:

We aren’t required to do life alone. We weren’t designed that way. In Genesis 2, God makes Eve as a “suitable helper” for Adam. Before things even went wrong, our need for others was obvious to our creator. Later in Genesis, Noah wasn’t told to get on the boat by himself with the animals. He was told to take his family & his sons’ wives. When they get off the boat they are told to multiply (there’s a fun command from God…I very seriously doubt there was kick back from anyone on that). Anyway, I digress….again.

Even Jesus- our perfect, complete, infaliable Jesus- surrounded himself with people. His entire ministry he was surrounded by his disciples. Paul does works side-by-side with others through out his ministry. We could very easily go on about all the different relationships of people in the bible. Romnatic, plutonic, friendships, work relationships, etc. The bible is filled with lessons & instructions about how to do community with others.

We just aren’t meant to do life alone. God loved us so much that he read into our hearts before the desire to connect was even there. He breathed life into our lungs & the next day established us as relational beings. Praise God that he understands us better than we understand ourselves. Amen?!


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