We Are Equipped || Marissa Dodgen

I can’t do this.

What was God thinking?

This is so far beyond me.

I have nothing left.

Lord, did you make a mistake?

I’m just a ____________.

Have you ever said or asked any of these? Have you ever felt the hand you’ve been dealt is too much to handle? If we are honest, we have all felt like this at some point. Whether it is a situation we are going through or a call on our lives, I would be willing to bet we have all doubted our ability to handle “it” or pursue our call at some point, if not every day, even if for just a few seconds.

So here’s the good news: We aren’t equipped.

Wait. What? The title is We ARE equipped.

Yes, it is. You & I aren’t equipped in & of ourselves to do these things, but we know a Savior who is. We have been equipped with faith in the the One who can equip us & provide us with all those things we need to do what has been laid in front of us or asked of us.

Don’t believe me?

In Luke 5, we are first introduced to Peter. (Well, technically we meet Simon. He doesn’t become Peter until later, but for the sake of non-confusion, we’ll call him Peter). Jesus called Peter to be his disciple. Disciple? Peter didn’t know anything about being a disciple. He probably didn’t even know much about Jesus, but he knew who Jesus was – as we see in verse 5 – and that’s all he needed to know.  Jesus showed Peter that it is indeed our Savior who equips us. In verse 5 & 6, Peter did as Jesus instructed & dropped his nets on the opposite side of the boat from where he had been fishing for hours, or maybe even days. He ended up catching more fish that his nets could hold – all because he had listened to the leading of Jesus.

Another example is found in John 4. Jesus meets the woman at the well & tells her all she has done wrong. It is crystal clear she should not be delivering the message of a holy, blameless Savior. But in verse 16, He starts to turn the table on her & tells her to go & tell the people about Him. Twelve verses later, she finally goes. She did what she was told to do (go) & Jesus leads ahead of her preparing the hearts of those she encounters in verse 29. Jesus did the work. She simply followed His lead & later, in verse 30, throngs of people meet Jesus because of the message of an outcast woman.

God’s Word is filled with stories of God using unlikely, ill-prepared people to do His work.

  • A 13/14-year-old, virgin girl brought us our Savior.
  • David – a small, young, shepherd boy – defeated a giant with a rock.
  • Abraham was well past his prime when he became the father of a nation.
  • Jonah ran away, hid, & then pouted about his call…yet he was still used.
  • Paul murdered believers, but became the author of a large portion of the New Testament.
  • Rahab was a prostitute, but saved her family by obeying.
  • Esther was just a loyal wife & saved her people from death.

You see? You may not feel ready, capable, or prepared to do what you have been asked, called, or given to do. But as a treasured child of God, you will be equipped to do it. Whether you are called to raise a family with more kids that you know what to do with, be the classroom mom that does all-the-things, be the department coordinator that makes sure everyone is pulling their weight, or write a book that you feel grossly unprepared to write…you are equipped, because you serve the Equipper.


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