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Have you ever wanted more? Not more in a sense of what the world sees as more: more of this, more of that, bigger, better; but more meaning. More substance. More time. More giving. Just more of the life-giving things.

Over this last year, I’ve noticed this abundance of posts, lessons, books, & conversations, pointing toward a life of less in order to have a life of more. In February, I read a book about specifically reducing the excess in life & how it leads to finding the good & important things. I have been forced to look at the motivations of my heart & where my time is invested.

What is actually the most important vs what looks the most important?
What things drive me nuts about the life we have made?
What gets in the way?
What becomes an issue?
What makes my kids feel less important or ignored all together?
If my kids wanted only one thing from me what would it be?
Where are areas in my life & my house that are excessive?
Where are some areas that need excess, instead of just enough?Honey Flavored Lemonade

Timing & Personal Inventory || Honey Flavored Lemonade

This ^ top part of the post was actually written many weeks, if not months, ago; I am currently finding the timing odd, another God-designed-timing-thing. This first part of this post has gotten pushed around many times, from its original post date back in September to a couple of weeks later, then to the next day, and lastly from last Wednesday to today. Just moved around from place to place on my blogging calendar, waiting for me to find time to complete it; so considering I just posted a review on Emily Ley’s book Grace Not Perfection on Friday (& mentioning the same book in that post that I mentioned above), I can’t help but wonder if I need to do a little inventory of things & God is giving me a tiny nudge of what that inventory should be. With the end of the year quickly approaching & New Years right around the corner, I am beginning to think in terms of what this last year has been & what I want next year to be. I am already thinking of my 2017 Powersheets & what is going to go on them & that oh-so-eye-opening Powersheets Prep that is coming my way. So while I ponder those questions, what about you? What should your personal inventory be as this years begins to come to a close?

Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen

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