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Before we jump in, I am sorry our schedule is a bit off this week (we normally post on Monday & Wednesday), but my son slipped & fell yesterday & I thought he broke his foot. Thankfully he did not and it just seems to be a bruised bone. But the incident made work impossible yesterday. So we had to adjust our schedule this week because I couldn’t get done what I needed to get done yesterday. So….let’s get this started.

If you made it to church, or spent much time on social media over the weekend, you probably heard or saw “He is risen” or “Sunday has come” or some version of those. I am willing to bet that you know Jesus rose from the tomb were He was placed after being crucified. But do we really get it? Like really understand?

Read Matthew 27:50-28:6, Mark 15:37-16:6, Luke 23:46-24:8, & John 19:31-20:17 (I know it seems like a lot of reading, but it’s important to see such a fundamental story from all angles. So take your time & read all the way through.)

Let’s do a quick overview of a few of the events we ended with last week:

Jesus gives up His spirit/dies in what verses of the Gospels?

What happens in Matthew 27:54 & Mark 27:51?

**I wish we had enough time today to really search through this, because it is so incredibly important to understand these two verses & their historical significance, but I can’t do it justice today within the parameters of this study. So for now, just know that the curtain refers to the curtain in the temple that was built in the Old Testament. The temple was where people would come & offer blood sacrifices (usually a lamb) to God as payment for their sins. Once a year, the high priest, would go behind the curtain into the presence of God & offer the blood of those lambs as payment for the sins of everyone. The curtain was what separated God from the people. The tearing of the curtain at the very moment of Christ’s death, signifies that we no longer need someone to approach God for us. Jesus came to earth & according to John 14:6, no one comes to the Father except through Jesus. When Jesus breathed His last breath, fulfilling the prophecy that He would die for us, that curtain was ripped in half from the very top to the bottom. The top to the bottom as proof it was God & not man because that curtain was about 60 ft tall & 48 inches thick & that wasn’t something man was not capable of doing at that exact moment. But it was final. We no longer would we need a special or “holy” person or priest to go to God for us. No longer would we need to sacrifice blood as forgiveness for our sins & shortcomings, because Jesus did it once & that was it.

So moving on, what does the centurion say in Matthew 27:54, Mark 15:39, & Luke 23:47?

Did you notice how the crowds reacted in Luke?

Why would they mourn when hours before they were all for his death?

Who were the women outside of his tomb? (Make sure to note what verse your answer comes from.)

This is a good opportunity to use a commentary or concordance to look deeper into what seems to be an account discrepancy on who the women were. Noticing & searching out these kinds of things/differences/ponderings you have along the way will give major strength to your ability to study the Bible & know what to pull out to look at deeper.

Read Matthew 27:57-61, Mark 15:42-47, Luke 23:50-56: What are the major events in these verses?

Why did Pilate place a guard outside of the tomb?

What does the angel say to the women when they go back to prepare Jesus’ body? (Note the verse & the exact words from each of the 3 books.)

Whew…that is it! The point is made: HE HAS RISEN! No matter what life brings us, just remember that He has risen. He conquered death & the grave & those words shape what we know. If we know nothing else, we must know & remember this: He has risen.

For deeper study:

Use John to fill in a few holes from the other 3 gospel accounts. Maybe even drawing up a series of events or a “timeline” would be helpful – but don’t get wrapped up in the time portion of it.


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