Taco Chili || One Pot Meal, 30 Minutes or Less

I first had this a few years ago as a taco soup that my sister-in-law made one christmas. It was such a hit that I had to start making it myself. Over the years however, the recipe has changed considerably to a quicker, easier, real food recipe, & has gone from a soup to a chili & from a slow cooker to a 30 minutes or less meal, all stove top. So to say this recipe is a skeleton of its former self would be a dramatic understatement. Taco Chili || One Pot Meal, 30 Minutes or less

This recipe is great for those night when you forgot about dinner because even if the meat isn’t defrosted, you can still brown & crumble it, but it will add a few minutes on to your time. If you can remember to defrost the meat beforehand it can easily be done in 30 minutes or less. The most tedious part is the prep, but to make it easier cut, drain, & rinse veggies while the meat is in its browning stage, then you basically dump everything in the pot, cover, & wait for 20 minutes. 

Looking at the recipe can be a little daunting because it seems like it is a TON of ingredients, but really it a few cans, some beef, broth, & a handful of spices. Anytime you add spices to the mix, all the sudden the ingredient list can become overwhelming, but if you have a well stocked kitchen, you should have a lot of these ingredients on hand already. 

Taco Chili || One Pot Meal, 30 Minutes or Less

I love this chili on cold nights because it is just one of those warm, comforting meals that fills your belly with food & warmth; but it is also great for the warmer months because you don’t have to stand over it while it cooks & the one pot doesn’t heat up your kitchen too much. Ah, it is just a fantastic & versatile meal. One of my favorites for sure. It is definitely a family pleasing meal also & makes a ton of food for you to have leftovers the next day. My family of 4 (mom & dad, a 3 year old, & a 1 year old) ate this for 3 nights & 2 lunches. I know that every time I make this, it will ALL be eaten. It even transfers well to school with my son

Taco Chili || One Pot Meal, 30 Minutes or Less

I like to top this with raw, organic, cheddar cheese & scoop with tortilla chips. But I also discovered that a little bit of diced avocado is glorious on top. You could even add a little organic, plain greek yogurt if you really want to make it decadent. This is a family favorite for us & I am sure it will be in your house too. 

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