Sweet Ella- Three Months || Augusta, GA Family & Infant Photographer

Little Ella holds a very special place in my heart. For weeks, her parents where told that Ella had miscarried. For a few weeks, her parents where told to end the pregnancy because it would just end in heartache. For weeks her parents & Grandparents & Aunts prayed. For weeks the same thing….no heartbeat. But her momma had faith that god would make it abundantly clear what her decision should be & Ella’s parents prayed. 

I burst into tears one Sunday morning, when I got a text from Ella’s momma. But it wasn’t just any text. It was a video text. A text….of Ella’s heartbeat. Ella who was not as far along as the doctors had orginally thought. Ella who is here today. Colic, reflux, & all, but here. here to be heard. Here to be seen. Here to be loved. here to grow…even when her momma & daddy where told she wouldn’t. Here’s Ella!!!!!!!

Ella Ange- Newborn- 1

Ella Ange- Newborn- 10Ella Ange- Newborn- 2Ella Ange- Newborn- 8Ella Ange- Newborn- 17Ella Ange- Newborn- 24Ella Ange- Newborn- 26Ella Ange- Newborn- 37Ella Ange- Newborn- 44

Ella Ange- Newborn- 34

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