Study The Bible: James- Chapter 2

So…did you survive the daunting start to James? If you are reading this I am assuming your answer is yes. If you are still kind of swimming around in it, keep swimming till you feel ready for the next one. The great thing about this style of study (virtual) is you can go as slow as needed in order to fully absorb the material.

As I am still trying to figure out the best way to do this together, I uploaded my answers to the printable from last week:

James Chapter 1 answers

You will notice I did not fill out every single answer. The point of this study, & learning to study the bible, is not to always have the right answers. The point is to learn to interpret scripture on your own, learning how to dig out scripture that supports & explains, & learning to apply it to your life. If your quest in this journey of the Christian life is to “always have the right answer”, you may want to take a step back & analyze where you are in your walk; maybe even take a deeper look at the religious leaders in the gospels & see what Jesus had to say to them about always being right. It isn’t about being right in the eyes of man, it is about being right in the eyes of God.

I filled out answers to help add a bit of additional clarity to my style of studying & maybe to help shed light on some topics or examples that were given. As we go through this you will notice that you will be provided with the “answers” less & more that you are promoted to think & dig & pull apart.

One of the most beautiful & powerful things about scripture is that it always meets us where we are at. The way a verse “speaks” to me, may not be the same way that verse speaks to you. But also, what you get from the verse this go around might be completely different from what you get from it the next time you study James. I have yet to do a study & walked away having not learned something new. I am currently doing a Genesis study, for the 3rd time, & in chapter 3 I have already found new things that I have never picked up on before. Even though the scriptures are never-changing & God’s word is what it is & says what it says, as you grow in your faith & your knowledge & as life has its way with you & as God tests you & stretches you, you will begin to notice things in scripture that you never noticed before.

This week, we are digging in & pulling apart chapter 2. The material in chapter 2 is heavy & are some very hotly debated topics. I encourage you to honestly write out your opinions/thoughts on these subjects before you get started. This way you can clearly see if what you thought was what scripture actually says or if there was some human interpretation or influence in your thinking.

Chapter 2 questions

Also, I am still waiting to hear from you guys about doing a community group on facebook. If that is something you would like to see comment below or on social media. I know that we are so incredibly inundated with stuff on social media & you may just not want another group to have to participate in. I hear ya. BUT if that is something you want, please let me know. Otherwise, Don’t forget to join the HFL community over on Instagram with the hashtag #hflcommunity & hflstudies.

So….what was your big take away or ah-ha moment from chapter 1?

Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen

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