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My kids just started pre-school/MDO this week, so that means it is the first time I am packing two full lunches for two kids- sidebar: I have to get our timing down better because we have been late every day this week. 

The challenge, other than food allergies, to contend with is that the little one has to take stuff that she can eat with her hands because she isn’t quite proficient with utensils yet. It is easiest to give them the same thing, but I am sure this isn’t going to work every time, but for this week it did. Today’s lunch looks very similar to the other lunches I packed this week. 

Food Allergy Safe School Lunches - Preschool & toddler

The left is the preschooler’s lunch: 4 slices of rolled up turkey meat (no, in all honesty it is not organic) with a chunk of goat cheese [allergy education: most people with a dairy allergy are specifically allergic to cow’s milk. Goat’s milk has a different protein structure & is much easier for the human body to process- I mean cows do have multiple stomachs where we only have 1], 2.5 strawberries & a homemade trail mix (dried cranberries, pineapple, blueberries, alleregen-free chocolate chips, & a few marshmallows).

The right is the toddler’s lunch: 2 slices of cut up turkey meat, a few chunks of goat cheese, 1.5 chunked strawberries, & a little trail mix. I really like them to have something sweet (trail mix), something raw (strawberries), & a protein (meat & cheese) at every meal, especially school lunches because they will eat at school what I often can’t get them to eat at home…go figure. I also sent 1/2 apple juice, 1/2 water, with a Probiotic mixed in…gotta keep those kiddos healthy. 

So that is pretty much it. It is pretty easy to throw together in the morning…would have been quicker if the toddler hadn’t been sitting at my feet crying & screaming at me the whole time…motherhood is fun!




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