Are Your Dreams Being Stolen, Murdered, or Destroyed?

Do you think Satan wants us to go for it or be on a mission for Christ or have big, hairy, audacious dreams (BHAD)? My guess is no & a while back I began to notice areas of my life that he was taking over in order to derail the purpose God had for me. So I started cutting him out Matthew 16:23 style .

I cut him out of my motherhood by refusing to give into his temptations & giving control over to God for those things I can’t control at this stage in life.

By coming clean about the depth of my anger, God allowed me to take back my emotions. He revealed to me that the one secret I was holding so close, was the secret I most needed to let go of.

I had allowed Satan to make me a prisoner. By closing the self-imposed prison (more on this in another post) it brought into the light the dark areas of my life that none of us like to talk about- guilt, anger, bitterness, etc.

Satan is determined; but that will not derail the path the Lord has designed & that makes him mad!

In John 10:10, Jesus pinned Satan’s purpose when he said “the thief comes only to steal, and kill and destroy”. That is Satan’s only purpose. So it seems, he decided if he can’t kill me (or motivate me to do it myself) & he can’t destroy me, my marriage, or my motherhood, then he would try to steal my momentum.

In Genesis 3:1, Satan whispers in Eve’s ear, “Did God really say…”. He caused Eve to question God’s command. He planted just enough doubt that her “common-sense” kicked in & overruled what she knew.

Satan was trying to whisper in my ear, “You need to go back to work. You need to make money. It’s the only way”. Sometimes these came through my own doubts & sometimes through the words of others. But I knew in my heart if I went back to a 9-5; if I took this issue into my own hands, that I would be turning my back on God’s call. Now let’s squash this quick, I am not that a 9-5 is a bad thing, but in my life it wasn’t where God wanted me. He had very specifically shown me where it was that I needed to be- right here- & I had to make the choice then & daily to follow God & rest on Matthew 6:26 & 27.

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow & reap or store away in
barns, & yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much
more valuable that they? Who of you by worrying can add a single
hour to your life?”

I had to hear someone else confirm what I knew & God also knew that. He knew I needed a bit more clarity about things & one Sunday morning through the words of our church’s middle school pastor God said:

“The devil is looking to take any area of your life that he can. Satan
is trying to steal your momentum. The enemy is not who or what
you’re struggling with. The enemy is Satan who is trying to steal
your momentum through that area of your life.”

I knew at that moment exactly what Satan was trying to do. He was trying to stop me from writing here & writing books & bible studies & the journal by any means he could. I was moving with unstoppable force because I was moving with God. Step by step, foot in footprint, I was following God & nothing scares the devil more than a soldier of God.

So as I always do & always will, I want to encourage you when you meet with that resistence against your BHAD pray about it. Ask God “Is this what you want from me?”. Lean into Him. Lean into His word. Quiet the noise. God will never make you feel anxious, worried, or hurried. He is a God of calm & quiet & assurance.

Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen

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