In 1 John 2:27 it says “but the anointing that you received from him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone should teach you”. This simply means that we have the greatest gift we ever need in studying the word of God…the Holy Spirit. Scholars & historians & maps & dictionaries & translation can be great aids to our study of the word. They can help us to navigate what we need more clarity on, but the beauty of studying is that the Holy Spirit is truly what teaches us. But, scholars & historians & those writing the maps, & dictionaries, & translation of the original word have been greatly blessed & gifted to help us understand too. So, while the Spirit should be our ultimate teacher & prayer & listening should be a major part of our study, sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to bring in a bit of help like the resources listed above.

But navigating the world (or bookstore) for study aids to add depth & understanding to your bible study can be overwhelming. So we have created a list of trusted resources that you can use or reference as you study the bible & grow deeper in your walk with God. Below we have listed multiple references that we trust for you to check out & use as well. Be sure to check back periodically to see if anything new has been added or better yet, bookmark this page for easy reference.


“Understand the Bible Series” NIV Bible Commentary (also available through Logos Bible software)

The Bible Knowledge Commentary (available for Logos library download as well)

Matthew Henry Commentary (this is also available online for free)

New American Commentary– Also available for download through Amazon

Bible Dictionaries

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Easton’s Bible Dictionary (available through Logos software)

Online Sites/Apps/Resources

Logos Bible SoftwareFree App or website with dictionaries, commentaries, & translation (the basic version is full of plenty of resources & is free, yay!)– There are multiple resources available on this site, but both Jessica & myself use the Matthew Henry Commentary the most (they also have an app available)– for Interlinear Greek and Hebrew, concordance, and various commentaries.

Other Resources

Nav’s New Topical Bible concordance- available through Logos & Bible Study Tools

Strongs NIV Exhaustive Concordance– there is also a KJV version available for free on Logos & Bible Study Tools (very highly recommended for anyone studying the bible)


The bible you use is personal to you as long as it is the word of God & hasn’t been added to or taken away from by humans it is good. But here are a few of the bibles our team uses since this is one of our most asked questions:

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

Life Application Study Bible- NIV 

NASB Inductive Study Bible

She Reads Truth Bible– This bible doesn’t launch till the 14th, but it is a beautiful, useful study bible with study helps included

**many of these resources are available through Logos Bible software or download which will considerably cut down on your cost as some are multiple volume resources. You do not need all of the resources to have a good study just check out a few & use what is the easiest & makes the most sense to you.


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