Prayer: What We Now Know! || Marissa Dodgen

You would think doing an entire study on the topic of prayer would make us experts. You would think, as a group, we would feel like we know everything there is to know and that we had it all down pat. You would think we would be able to lay out a step-by-step process on prayer and how to have an effective prayer life. But, to tell you the truth….

As we sat down at our monthly meeting and discussed the series, we realized we actually felt like now we know even less. That’s the thing about digging into these topics. Sometimes you think it will give you more clarity on a topic, when in fact it clouds what you thought was crystal clear water.

Over all, we know more and are better equipped. However, as it often is with faith, the deeper you dig the less you realize you actually know. I thought I had a good handle on prayer, but as I researched and read more on prayer, the more I began to understand we will never know all there is to know. Like our relationships with Christ, our prayer lives should never stop growing. We weren’t meant to have it all figured out. Prayer is part of what makes up faith – an ever-evolving, ever-growing, ever-expanding, ever-deepening thing.

So if you find yourself feeling like your prayer life doesn’t measure up or you “do it wrong”, don’t worry. Prayer isn’t a graded test. The point isn’t to pass or fail or even to ace it. The point of prayer is to deepen our walk with the Lord. To bring us into His presence (1 Chronicles 16:11) – to give Him praise, to worship Him, to intercede on behalf of others, to ask for forgiveness, to lay our burdens down. Prayer is our communication with Him.

If we have learned anything collectively as a community, it is probably that we could all work on our prayer lives. You have taken the last three weeks and dug into the concept of prayer. But no amount of study will change your prayer life if you are not willing to get on your knees before the Lord God and spill out your heart. Practice doesn’t make perfect in this scenario, because there is no way to achieve perfection. Practice can be more akin to training for a battle. The more you do it, the stronger you will be and the more prepared for when the battle comes.


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