Our diaper experience: Honest Company diapers & pull-ups

Honest Company diapers

Both of my kids have sensitive skin. Like crazy sensitive skin. I have rubbed a popular, conventional brand lotion on my daughter twice in her life (she is 1). Both times, she has broken out in a rash within minutes of putting the lotion on. The first time a month or so after she was born. The second time was a few weeks ago. Since that first time, I have never put anything on her skin except Honest Company products (with the exception of a super powerful diaper cream). After the second time, I vowed never to use another non-Honest product on her again. This extends into quite a few different areas of our lives, but today we are just going to talk about diapers. 

The first thing that attracted me to the Honest diapers was that they claimed to be great for sensitive skin. This was very appealing to me when it came to my son. For the first year & a half of his life, that poor boy had to deal with awful diaper rash. If he went an entire day without a rash it was a good week. It was terrible. Bleeding. Cracking. Burning. Blistering. To think of the pain he must have been in. Then one day it accrued to me that it might be his food allergies, but it could potentially be his diapers. I started researching diapers & came up with some horrifying findings. Diapers that are made of plastic, formaldehyde, all kinds of stuff I didn’t want to wrap my kids in. So I started looking into different options, including cloth diapers. I debated & researched & questioned for months. In the end I decided I couldn’t do cloth…it is just not for me. 

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I will admit I struggled switching over to Honest because they are more expensive than their conventional counterparts. So I tried the eco-diapers that I could get in the store thinking they where probably very similar. Well first of they are ugly. I mean UGLY. I don’t want a brown diaper on my kid. Call me superficial, but I was like “no”. More than that though, they kinda suck. I tried two major brands of eco-diapers. One felt & sounded like plastic. In addition to the diaper rash, he now had a heat rash because the diapers didn’t breathe. The other brand, also felt very plasticky but it didn’t hold anything in. I was changing his clothes almost every time I changed his diaper. 

I didn’t completely make the switch until after my daughter was born & I noticed her starting to break out with conventional diapers too, but what really did it was one day when I her other diaper had exploded in her clothes. Exploded & let me tell you, those gel-like beads are a pain to get off & out of certain places. I didn’t want another kid to go through what my son had gone through & I certainly didn’t want to give her a bath every single time she wet herself, so I made the switch completely. 

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They are actually soft. The absorb incredibly well. I have never had one explode on me. They’re cute- which is a fun bonus. Most importantly though almost no diaper rash- what rash my daughter has had is due to what she has eaten. No rashes around their legs or waist. No bleeding, cracking, blistering, burning. Nothing! Both of my kids are heavy wetters, so for a diapers/pull-ups to be able to make it through nap/night is a huge thing. These diapers are well worth the extra price, plus if you bundle through Honest.com you come out cheaper than if you were to go to Buy Buy Baby or Target & buy them. 

Now I will say the pull-ups don’t hold a ton, but I guess a pull-up isn’t really meant to. They are easy to get up & down & do a pretty good job of keeping stuff in which I can’t say for the others we have tried. They fit high on the waist & do have some gathering, which is good because again it keeps stuff in. He does wake up wet some mornings, but like I said earlier he is a heavy wetter. Those overnight diapers, never stood up to him. I think we may need to cut off liquids a little earlier in the evenings. Lol!

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Have you ever tried Honest Company? If not you should. 

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