Old Habits Die Hard & I Need Your Help

We have all heard that expression haven’t we? We have. And it’s true. One of the habits I find hard to break is my push back against obligation & schedule & rules. Which is really funny because I am a rule follower…well, I am not a rule breaker & I follower the rules with question & reluctance. This habit has gotten me into trouble or almost trouble for most of my life.

One example: I decided to participate in a national bible study a few years back. This study is done by women all around the world & you go through a book of the bible a year, line by line. The information take away is great. I learned a lot about the books I studied while I was part of it. But the rules. Oh my word the rules. There are pages & pages of rules that you have to follow. This strong-minded, good-rebel-girl questioned & pushed back against every single rule & I was vocal about it too. Now I am not saying that is the right way to handle it, what I should have done was kept my mouth shut. And that is just what I did for the most part.

Old Habits Die Hard

I only tell you that to give you an idea of how I rebelliously follow the rules. I don’t break the rules, but I question the purpose of them & I push back against them if they don’t make sense or seem fair. One of the goals I set for myself with blogging is to write 3 days a week. I had no idea when I set that goal, what an undertaking that would be. There’s 7 days in a week & I only need to write 3 of them. Words flow from my mouth (or in this case my finger tips) pretty freely once I get started. Yet, I find myself walking by my computer multiple times per day, giving it the side eye. I have this push-back style relationship with it.

I could talk for days & days about random stuff & maybe I should, lol- I’m only kidding. But I also want to provide you with quality content. In the quest to find my place in this purpose, I am always tweaking & adjusting things. Last week, I was talking to a friend who asked about the shop & the book. I told her that the writing & studies are where the nitty gritty information will be. The purpose of the shop was to have a place to provide these things that will hopefully encourage & spur you on to dig deeper. Then there is the speaking (which I get my first chance to do later this month- for AUG locals, keep an eye out of this info) where I know God has really called me–because it scares the living tar out of me. I can put off writing, but I have deadlines for speaking engagements. But when it comes to the blog, it seems to be without a direct purpose at first. But then I thought about something my girl Jasmine Star said one time “my website is my hand shake & my blog is my voice”. The blog is a oppurtunity to get to know me a bit more on a personal level. Between here & IG, I think it gives a fairly decent look into who I am. Struggles. Triumphs. Scares. Insights. Random wanderings. Yep, that all goes here.

BUT, there still needs to be direction. So here’s where you come in (sorry that took a while). What would you like to hear about? Any particular topic, serious or not, you would like to tackle? Is it believer stuff, mom stuff, home stuff, study stuff? Anything at all. I would love to hear from you guys. You can comment here on this post or come & visit me over at Instagram.

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