October Series- 10/7 || Book Review: The Nesting Place by Myquillian Smith

Books Worth Reading: The Nesting Place by Myquillyan Smith

I don’t remember exactly how I found this book, but I remember the description of it was a how-to on overcoming decorating paralysis. Did you know that was a thing? Me neither, until I heard it & shouted “YES! That’s me!”. Allow me to explain….

My husband & I have been married for 8 years. He lived in our house already when we got married & he did a pretty good job decorating. I was impressed. It wasn’t that our house wasn’t pretty or welcoming. It just didn’t have the homey lived in feel that I think every wife/mom/woman longs for. The house was clean & well put together but it reminded me of growing up with the military/rental life. Nothing hung on the walls, no paint (except the master bedroom, which basically looks exactly the same to this day, lol). I wanted to put my touch on it. Make it ours, not just his. But I couldn’t! I was so scared to do anything or make a decision or choose something that he didn’t like [sidebar: he is WAY better at this than I am, so I felt under pressure not to get anything wrong]. 

Books Worth Reading: The Nesting Place by Myquillyan Smith

For 8 years, the only thing I brought into the house was a set of cinnamon red pillows & a vase or two. Only things that where not committal, easy to blend in, & probably things only I really noticed. So when I saw this book, I was intrigued. I expected a design book; how to make your house homey, kind of thing. I got SO much more with The Nesting Place

Books Worth Reading: A Nesting Place by Myquilliyn Smith

I was expecting a design book & started reading a book that touched my soul. This is not just your everyday design book. It digs into those details of a woman’s heart & how she feels about her home. It is like sitting in decorating therapy. After reading this book, I felt so free to do whatever I wanted. If it didn’t work….change it. Something you bought is too big or too small….take it back. Not sure about the color…try something else. Things aren’t perfectly matched, one of kind, totally symmetrical, or brand-new….who cares as long as you like it. 

Myquillyan [who has an awesome instagram feed] throws the covers off the proverbial “rules” of decorating & helps you get comfortable where God has placed you. She talks about how God has you right where you are for a reason. She debunks myths we self impose. She even blows the lid off of Pinterest & other “perfect home” pictures we see.

Books Worth Reading: The Nesting Place by Myquillyan Smith

This book gave me so much more than I expected. It taught me contentment & how to be happy & love where I am. I didn’t expect a God experience when I purchased this book, but that is exactly what I got. 




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