October Series- 10/5 || Granting Myself Some Personal Grace….

We aren’t even a full week into the #write31days challenge & I already feel the weight of committing to write/blog everyday for 31 days. Whew! So today I had penciled in a post about grace. Grace from a biblical perspective. Grace to give each other a little bit of a break. Grace. The same grace that God extends to us by not giving us what we deserve [eternal death] & instead giving us the grace he has through his son Jesus [eternal life]. But tonight, after dragging my feet on posting today, I decided to give myself a free write day…a day of personal grace. 

The definition of grace is favor, mercy, a pardon. Tonight I am giving that to myself, not to duck out of writing, but to duck out of preparation & just write what is weighing on me. Last week, I received some results from some personal blood work back that where incredibly eye-opening. Nothing life or death serious (well at least not at this time) but as I get older could really reek havoc on my life & heart. To only be 30 years old & already having to think about a lifestyle change & modifying my diet & exercise habits is sobering to say the least. What is the most frustrating is it is probably due more to genetics than anything. 

I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I don’t eat a lot of meat or dairy. I am pretty plant heavy in all areas of my life– except for my thumb (lol). I don’t drink, don’t smoke, nothing. I don’t exercise as much or as consistently as I would like, but I am pretty active. So at such a young age to have high cholesterol is infuriating. I have two paths to get this under control…. take meds which come with a whole host of negative side effects or tighten up on my diet even more & consistently exercise & lose a little weight. 

I don’t consider myself over weight, honestly, for the most part I am happy with the way I look. I am proud of where I am after having two kids pretty close together. But one of the best way to lower cholesterol is to get any additional weight off. I guess I am going to have to start hitting the trails again (running) & getting back on my mat (yoga). I am also going to shift even closer to a vegan/plant based diet style. I don’t eat a lot of dairy or meat, but those are going to have to be cut back significantly. And coffee….well it looks like that may have to be replaced in leu of tea (I am NOT a tea person). Whew! ***if you want to get a little more info as to how diet effects your health, I strongly encourage you to watch Forks Over Knives & Food Matters [both are available on Netflix]. 

Now this is not something new & not news to be honest. But I was hopeful, that with all of the dietary changes I have made in the last few years, that my cholesterol would finally be at a level where it wasn’t a worry. 30 years old & having the thoughts of having a heart attack come across my mind brings me to tears. 

Like I said this wasn’t the planned post for tonight, but I just wanted to share. Thanks for listening. 


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