October Series- 10/30 || Ceramic Mug, Please!

Honey Flavored Lemonade ||Ceramic Mugs & Savoring the Slow Down

This morning I stopped by my new go-to place, when I don’t have the kids with me, to grab a quick breakfast. I waited in a line & the only two older ladies in front of me were taking their time to order. I noticed myself starting to get impatient, like to tapping impatient. As I saw a few workers walk past the registers & not hop on to take my order, I say to myself “Come on. All of you here & none of you can get on a register?”

Then I caught myself. What a selfish, self-centered thought. Am I so important or are my few hours of kid-less freedom so jam-packed, that I can’t wait for these two ladies to order what they really want & debate over who is buying for who? Short answer. No!

Then it was my turn…I ordered & was asked “will you be dining in or is this to go?”

Hmmmm…I responded “You know what, let’s make it for here. It will force me to slow down”. A smile spread across this woman’s face & she responded back with an atta girl. I know older generations, look at my generation & see we are in such a hurry all the time & so pre-occupied, so her feelings toward my answer gave me a small sense of approval.

Then she asked me if I would like my almond milk, pumpkin spice drink in a paper cup or a ceramic mug.


Ceramic Mug, please. Another atta girl.

As I sat at my chosen table by the window to people watch, I started thinking how nice it was to stare out of window & just let my thoughts wonder, knowing I would have plenty of time to scroll through Instagram or Facebook. I looked across the parking lot & noticed all the fall colors starting to roll over the leaves & the slight October breeze rustling those leaves. I wouldn’t have noticed those things if I hadn’t decided to slow down just a bit. 

So I challenge you, sometime this weekend as you run around, just one moment choose to “dine in” & savor this life you’ve been blessed with. 

Water to go, please…..


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