October Series- 10/23 || Crunchy, Healthy & Still Sick….

Holistic Healing for viruses- Honey Flavored LemonadeI think one of the biggest misconceptions about those of us who are crunchy, granola, hippie, natural, whatever the word of choice is- is that we never get sick. Not true. But here’s the thing. We do get sick, BUT we don’t stay sick for long. There is currently a stomach bug going around & it is taking people down, like way down, for many days at a time. Well I, too, got this nasty little bug [sidebar: I think my daughter has a touch of it & passed it along] but mine only lasted for 12 hours. 

I was laid up in bed all day yesterday, back & forth to the bathroom. It wasn’t fun, but I am a firm believer in letting your body do what God created it to do. So rather than take a bunch of medicine to stop the symptoms or “make me feel better”, I took a different road. I didn’t take any medicine at all.

Instead of interfering in the process of healing. I aided in it. I allowed my body to get rid of things that it needed to get rid of & I took holistic measures to help my body accomplish that. 

I upped my probiotic intake, which helps to put good bacteria in your gut which is where the majority of you immune system lies & even took extra vitamins to give my body a bigger boost to fight against the virus. I drank as much water as I could.

Holistic Healing Garden of Life Multivitamin

Primal Defense


I also used two essential oils to help. The first is a digestive blend [use whatever oils you like, just make sure they are pure & come from a reputable company & use them diluted. I don’t think it is a good idea to use them undiluted or ingested]– I just rub the diluted blend on my stomach a few times in circles to help bring circulation to the area, while the oils help ease the discomfort a little & aid in moving things through.

Holistic Healing Digestzen

Next is the immunity blend. This is the golden ticket to me. I guess if I could only use one oil it would be this one. I used a pre-diluted roller bottle & rubbed it on my feet & down my spine every few hours & before bed. This is another measure that helps to boost the immunity in your body & kill the virus or bacteria that is causing problems. 

Holistic Healing On Guard

To keep my family from getting sick (my husband was out of town on business of course), I put the immunity blend on my kids in the morning & late afternoon, gave them an extra vitamin, & doubled up their probiotics also. Plus, I kept them out of my bathroom & sanitized everything I touched. 

I could go into a lot of scientific detail why all of this works, but I won’t because none of us have time for that. But I will leave you with this… instead of stopping your body from doing what it was created to do, how it naturally works, let your body work. It works well with little interference from us daily, so why would it need help when it is in the middle of a battle. Let your body move those viruses & bacteria out & just deal with the nastiness for a few hours rather than dealing with reoccurring nastiness for days because you keep interfering.

Fevers & upset stomachs are uncomfortable, I get that, but those processes are how your body naturally fights invaders. It burns them up or expels them out, unless it is life threatening or getting out of control, let nature run its course. 

Got an opinion? I’d love to hear it. 


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