October Series- 10/13 || My Kitchen

Yesterday, I posted about kitchen fears. Those things that keep you from trying things in the kitchen. The things you are scared to attempt. I know one thing I hear a lot is “my kitchen is too small”. Well let me show you something….

Honey Flavored Lemonade

this is my kitchen & not just part of it…this is my entire kitchen. I was standing in the breakfast area when this picture was taken.

All of cooking for last 8 years has been done in this kitchen, for the first 6 years it didn’t even look this nice & our old stove only had 2 burners that I could guarantee would turn on every time. I am showing you my kitchen because it is a quaint, small kitchen. Plenty of cabinet space in my opinion, but the counter space is limited. You see that space off to the left where the tacos are? That is where I do most of my cooking. I stand in a corner, with my back to the window, & the dishes usually piled high (on the far right) & I cook & develop recipes. So that goes to show you, you don’t need a big fancy, spacious kitchen to cook great meals that will really feed your family & friends well. One day I hope, to have a big, fancy kitchen bought by cookbook money…but until then I will be cooking here. 

So…..next excuse!


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