October Series- 10/1|| The Truth Is Not A Cinderella Story- McKenna Hydrick

If you have read this blog before, you may be familiar with my good friend McKenna Hydrick (check her out here & here). I have known her for many years, but only in the last few has our friendship has developed. Unfortunately, it was medical diagnoses that brought us together; 2 of her 3 boys have a rare disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis [check out more on the their family here] & she was the one who stepped up & reached her hand out to me when our son was diagnosed with food allergies. Over the last 3 years, we have built a relationship. A pretty good relationship. We have listened to each other complain & tear up. We have laughed together. Ate together. Bonded over food, health, & being crunchy. Lol! 

This last year, I have had the pleasure to be able to watch first hand, as McKenna reentered the music world. I feel like a proud momma, but really I am just a fellow dream chaser, who is ridiculously excited for the things that are going to happen for not just McKenna, but her family. Today, she officially becomes a Nashville Recording Artist as she release her first single Ever After. [Make sure you swing over to iTunes & download a copy & let’s get this woman to the #1 trending spot on iTunes & make sure to share the hashtag #everafter of you jamming to it. We would all love to share in this together]. 

Mckenna Hydrick- Ever After available for download from iTunesLast week, my husband & I, were invited to attend an exclusive event (sidebar: I have never been to an exclusive event….I felt so fancy in my jeans) to be among a small group to listen to Ever After before it’s release. To say I teared up, is a wicked understatement. I cried. Like shoulders shaking (although I was fighting it as hard as I could), mascara running, drippy nose kind of crying. I was so happy for my friend & what this means for her. For her family. But the song resonated so much with me. We all wonder about our happily ever after & for some, there is a fairy tale ending; but for most of us we are in our happily ever after & we need to embrace that daily. I was able to pull a few strings (not really, I just have a direct line, lol) & McKenna has graced us with a little snippet the real story behind ever after…

Ever After|| McKenna Hydrick

As I write, McKenna is currently at the #51 spot…the goal Top 50. The hope Top 10. Please spare a few minutes a $.99 & let’s get her trending. I promise the worlds of this song will resonate with you, especially when you know the story behind it. You can get it on iTunes or Google Play

***Cover Photo courtesy of the amazing Krissy Leigh Creative (seriously go check her out…she’s pretty great & has an awesome Instagram feed)


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