New Series… When Gratitude Is Difficult.

We are entering into the holiday season. A time of thankfulness and understanding that giving is better than receiving. Days when we spend time with family and friends and when everything should be joyful and easy and full of fun. It is a time when gratefulness and gratitude are on every other social media post and some even dedicate 30 days to strictly being grateful.

And those things are good. Biblical mandates, even. But what happens when life has been hard and gratitude is hard to come by?

What do we do when the last thing we feel is graciously thankful and instead want to yell and shake our fists…or hide?

For some of us – or, really, for most of us – the holidays don’t always look like we expected them to look. So what do we do when things don’t turn out as we have hoped? What do we do when we choke on the gratefulness that is shoved down our throats this time of year? How do we find joy and peace and gratitude when bitterness, loneliness, or heartache take over?

In November, we are flipping the script on gratitude. Instead of challenging you to find 30 things to be grateful for and sending you off on your own, we are going to walk with you hand-in-hand. We are going to get uncomfortable, lay it bare, and discover how to find gratitude in the mess.

To do that, we have to be gut-level honest. We have to look at real issues of real life – the nitty-gritty things we don’t talk about because talking about them makes them real. We have to be transparent and vulnerable. That is our promise to you as we walk through this together. We’ll pull back the curtains and share some of our biggest struggles, and in doing so will hopefully encourage you in yours.

It won’t always be a comfortable journey, but it’s one we’ll make together.



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