My own family pictures || Augusta, GA Family Photographer

Being a photographer has made me realize many things, but the value in a really great photographer is on the top of my list. There is a level of skill & talent that doesn’t just come from anybody. A good photographer can take a nice picture of you or your kids, but a great photographer can blow you away & make you say “Oh my gosh, I loooooovvvvveeeee them!” {{{squeal}}} 

I have always found value in photography, but I have truly learned the worth of great photography since becoming a photographer myself. It is true that you can have a great snap shot or a decent family picture taken at a pumpkin patch that is worthy of a facebook profile, but those are few and far between. You can take great pictures of your kids, but what about you? You need to be in pictures too! That is the situation I find myself in most of the time. Since my daughter has been born we only have one… ONE… family picture of all four of us that isn’t from the hospital & it was taken when she was eight months old at her dedication (thankfully our church also sees the value in great photography otherwise we wouldn’t have that one either). 

Being a photographer, I am lucky to know some amazing photographers. I came across Angel Murphy in a photography group & was really drawn to her style & use of light (which is a big deal to me). I loved the warmth of her photography & the lifestyle perspective she has. I am a lifestyle photographer, but I am also a portrait photographer & really enjoy setups & making pictures special & directing my clients to get the picture I am going for. Angel, however, is a true lifestyle photographer. She sits back & captures life as it happens & I LOVE that. It was such a relaxed session & she captured our family style & my kids personalities so well. I am so excited to have some amazing photos of all four of us to decorate our home. Thank you Angel….I am in love with your photos. 




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