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Back in September I was sitting in my normal seat on Sunday morning. I don’t remember exactly what our pastor was talking about, except that it had 5 points & was something about prayer. I was just distracted, but what I do remember is that in each of those 5 points he said the word “ministry” at least twice. Normally, I wouldn’t have caught this, but this day was different. For a few weeks, God had been laying on my heart a shift with HFL.

Another shift? Goodness gracious, let’s try something new, like consistency (for those that know me, you can probably hear me say that). But not my God. The world of His believers is ever-changing. Throughout the Bible we see people whose lives are constantly changing & the ones who get complacent or comfortable tend to have their worlds turned upside down. Well, it looked like God was doing it again for HFL, because for weeks He had been laying on my heart to take HFL more in a ministry direction. I didn’t know what that meant, but per usual, I was on board. That day many months ago when I prayed & asked God to take to a place where my trust was without borders was not just a one time thing, but a continued prayer to keep on moving for His kingdom.

But on that day in September, God rocked my world with ministry. Much like the last time, I felt like I was in another world for the rest of the day. But this time it was different, this time I was in that place with God. I felt like I was throwing questions at Him left and right, and left and right He was giving me answers – which any believer can tell you is few & far between that we immediately get answers. For every protest I had, He had an answer.

You see, my hope for HFL has been to have a blog/shop that serves as an income provider for my family. It didn’t have to be much, just a little fun money or something. I had also hoped to build a team similar to those I see at Cultivate What Matters or Emily Ley Paper. Just a small team with a big impact in our small part of the world. This was my 5-year plan: build this business slowly & debt-free & have an impact in the lives of the women I see on a daily basis – women like me. But on this day, God impressed upon my heart 7 words I don’t think I’ll never forget: “my child, your dreams are too small.” It wouldn’t be 5 years before I started to grow the team – too far off. It wouldn’t be one person at a time – too small. It wouldn’t be just someone to help with emails & packing orders – too simple. Nope! It was going to be NOW. Full steam ahead, with all cylinders running, with 3 dynamic heavy-hitters in the local blogging & speaking scene. Not overwhelming at all, right?!

So I followed the steps laid out for me. I leaned into the faith I claim & stepped on the proverbial bridge that I couldn’t see. I set up meeting with 3 women without telling them why I was meeting with them, I typed up my business plan, & I prayed. For 2 weeks, I prayed for these women by name. I prayed that He would start to open their hearts to this opportunity & prayed they wouldn’t laugh in my face or turn me down. Then the day came when I met each women, individually, at a coffee shop & set down my business plan & pitched them this crazy idea that I had, that God was leading, & again prayed I didn’t have to convince them. I knew then it was a God-thing, but I knew without a doubt that I followed His well-laid plan & was obedient to His call when all three women said yes. Then and there…yes!

So without further suspense, I introduce to you the team of Honey Flavored Lemonade.

The New HFL

Erika Harmon from HeB4Me, Jessica Bolyard from Jessica, Me- hehe, & Keisha Hill from Hill Guys Wife.

Y’all, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to finally announce this. These women are so passionate & honest & are such a wealth of wisdom & laughs. I still can’t believe each of them said yes. Every month you will hear from each of us here on the blog (starting Wednesday with a post from Keisha that you do not want to miss), over on the NEW HFL instagram page (make sure you go over & follow it – and the Facebook page is coming soon), & once a month in our subscriber newsletter (click here if you haven’t already signed up). So please welcome these ladies & stay tuned for some amazing things in store. Because y’all…this is just phase one.

Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen


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