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Dreamer By Marissa Dodgen

For those that know me it is no secret that my favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail & as I was watching it today, one moment/scene that I have watched a thousand times stuck out to me. Meg Ryan’s character Kathleen Kelly goes over to Birdie’s house for lunch & Birdie asks her:

“so what have you decided to do?”

Kathleen Kelly tells her friend that she is going to close her beloved bookstore after 40 years in business, the only life she has ever known. Birdie then says:

“closing the store is the brave thing to do… are marching into the unknown…”

There is so much weight in those words if you think about it. 

Do you have a dream? Not a wish, but a dream? Something you could work toward, but know you would have to bust your tail for? Something attainable if you commit to it? I’m sure you do! We all do. 

I do! As much as I love & enjoy photography, my first love & passion is for food & healthy living. Having been on this food allergy journey with our son has opened my eyes up to a world within the food world that is so untapped & in need of some passion & drive & life. My dream….to be the Ree Drummond of the food allergy & real food world. I’m talking the land, the photography, & cookbooks. The whole nine yards! 

But let me introduce you to a dreamer who has had a profound impact on me…

McKenna Hydrick- Dreamer by Marissa Dodgen 

This is McKenna. Remember her from a few weeks ago? McKenna is a dreamer. McKenna’s dream is to provide a living for her family doing the thing she is most passionate about, music! In a conversation a while back, she told me it wasn’t about being famous, it was about providing a life for her family doing something that made her heart sing (no pun intended). I was so psyched last night to see they are one step closer to that dream. I’m so proud of my friend. I’m so inspired by her to reach for my dream.

McKenna Hydrick- Dreamer by Marissa Dodgen

So now I ask you…What is your dream? No really, what do you want more than anything? Leave me some comments & join in on the dream journey on instagram with #dreamchasers15

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