Lessons On Prayer- From Heartache To Surrender- Emily Myers

The funny thing about this whole internet thing is the relationships you develop as you follow along or read people’s thoughts. It shows us that we truly are one big community. But as believers we are part of a community too. Whether we agree or disagree. Vote the same or share the same opinions. We are a community of believers. We are family. In a family, when brothers or sisters are sick or in need, you jump in & do what you can to help.

A little over a year ago, I came across The Freckled Fox (Emily Myers) on Instagram. I don’t know how our paths crossed, but I knew God had placed The Myers family in my life (even if just virtual life) for a reason. I remember many years ago, a lot of people I knew where losing babies- through miscarriage, still birth, or a very short life, I felt like death surrounded me. Absolutely broken from the brokeness that was around me, I called my mom & asked her why was all this stuff happening. Was God trying to toughen me up to lose someone…a child, even though I didn’t have kids at that point. She so sweetly told me that she couldn’t answer that, but that most likely God was placing them in my life, crossing our paths, so that I could use this heart to honestly pray & intercede for my brothers & sisters in Christ who were suffering. Years, later my husband even called me “his prayer warrior”. While I may face heart wrenching things through out my life, God isn’t trying to “toughen me up” but break me down so I can act as a prayer warrior for my brothers & sisters. Because I have truly learned, first hand, that the most powerful prayer comes from the most broken of places.

This lesson has become so real to me over the last 3 years. My heart & soul have cried out to God on behalf of brothers & sisters. I have shed tears for those I don’t even know & spent many dark hours in prayer. Praying for saving, shackle breaking, life changes, diseases to be ridden, & healing at any cost not for myself, but on behalf of those who are part of the family of God…for his other sons & daughters.

Emily (Myers) was one of those people. A young mother of 5, who recently lost her husband Martin to a horrific & hard, but short, battle with cancer. I laid awake in my bed countless nights for hours-on-in interceding for Emily & her kids. While the outcome did not end the way anyone hoped it would- because we all pray for divine & complete healing & to witness those miracles we read about in the bible- but God’s plan doesn’t always fit ours & we don’t see the ripple hit the shore from the pebble God dropped in our pond. We don’t see get to see the lives that were saved & the people who came to know Jesus, the one & only, on a different level because of the struggle they witnessed & the faith someone showed in the midst of their struggle. Peace in God’s plan isn’t just powerful for those who experience it, it is powerful for those who witness it. Heck, it might even be more powerful.

I still keep up with Emily. Many months after Martin’s death. I watch over her & still pray for her every time she pops up on Instagram or posts a blog. This last year my prayer for her was just peace & strength. When it was obvious that God had something big in mind for this family & was giving them the opportunity to be a Job in a world of pharisees, I just started praying for peace & strength for Emily.

I would be delighted if you, too, would follow along with Emily’s journey & be praying for her & those 5 sweet kids. This blog right here was written recently & I could feel a shift for her from heartache to surrender, so I wanted to share it with you too. Because in the end, this whole internet, social media, blogging thing just extends our circle of influence, friendship, prayer, & makes us one big family with many different pieces.

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