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Today is a big day!

Today is launch day. March 2nd 2015! The day I will always remember as the day I rolled my heart out onto the floor & displayed for all to see the plan God has been working in me. It’s here! I’m excited…I am nervous…I am raring to go. 

Thank you so much for taking time to stop by today & read. I look forward to getting to know you & seeing where we all meet. If you will indulge me for just a few minutes I would like to give you a little more background on Honey Flavored Lemonade: where the idea came from, the concept behind it, & the story of the name. 

The Idea:

Some of my favorite blogs/feeds/accounts/movies/books are the ones that invite you into people’s lives. Where you feel like you know them even though you haven’t met them. They just feel like friends. I have longed to have a place like that…to be one of those bloggers. Since 2010, I have been a photographer. This blog actually started out as my photography site. But as the years went on & my family began to grow, I noticed my passion for photography as a profession started to waiver & that I was increasingly frustrated with the lack of personalness that came along with blogging about photography. My heart was going in a different direction. While I didn’t give up on photography (there is still a portion of this blog dedicated to it), I began to notice how much I wanted a place to talk about God, life, & help people navigate food allergies, which is something our family has been dealing with.

I started free blogs, a few times, under different names but it just never fit. I tried incorporating these things into my photography blog, but again it just never fit exactly. It just couldn’t find a home that matched. So I gave up trying to incorporate it & just thought I needed to wait. Then I started to notice, friends were giving out my name to their friends as a good resource for food allergies & how to start purging their lives of processed foods. I loved helping people but had nowhere to direct them of my own & only gave out resources. I was missing a way to truly connect with them. I started to pray about it & God began to unravel a plan he began working in me over a year ago. 

I was at bible study one morning, watching a video from a Kelly Minter study & I heard an almost audible voice that said “women”. What? Huh? What does that mean? Then it became clear, although not right away, God was telling me my ministry was woman. Moms. Just like me, with little kids, daily responsibilities, & just trying to make it through life. That stuck with me through the study. A while later (I can’t remember exactly how much later) during a Beth Moore study [I love Beth Moore & if you are not familiar with her…you need to be] again I heard God, but this time he said “That! That is what I want from you.” Almost as if He was pointing at the screen. Ummmm…excuse me God! What did you just tell me to do? That…as in THAT? What she is doing…speaking? “That” was it. For months,”That” was all I heard. It stuck with me, but I had no idea what “that” was exactly. It was earlier this year, yes 2015, that everything God was doing in my life, everything He had been telling me, all of the frustrations, disappointments, & moments of being ready to throw in the towel came rushing together. That is where HFL came from. THAT is the bones of this story. 

The Concept:

The concept of HFL is simple. It is a lifestyle blog based on faith, food, allergies, & just life with bits of photography thrown in (that doesn’t really sound all that simple does it?). My desire with this blog is to connect with others. I absolutely love to do life with people & in this day & age, I don’t think you have to sit next to someone to make that happen. You & I can do life together, even though we may never meet. Since my faith led me here, I also wanted a place to share that. I believe there is one God. One true, holy, & ever-present God. I believe He speaks into people’s hearts in ways we will never understand. I believe, although hard at times, that everything does happen for a reason & that God can use our successes & our failures to bring our stories together to glorify Him. That is what he has done for us, something so devastating as a toddler diagnosed with severe, extensive, & life-threatening food allergies, could have broken us; but it has allowed us the opportunity to help & teach others. That is where the name comes in….

The Name:

Honey Flavored Lemonade came to me one night in the shower of all places. I was brainstorming names & praying about it. I knew I wanted something that involved food since that is such a huge part of what this blog is, but I didn’t want it to be cheesy, weird, or forced. I was thinking about what our life represented with food allergies & the old-time saying “take lemons & make lemonade” came to mind. I felt like that is exactly what we did. We took a situation that really sucked & flipped it into a positive situation by learning how to control our health with food & learning about that toxic elements in our lives that could be effecting our health & our children’s health. The honey part represents the opportunity God has given us to help others by sharing our experiences & the knowledge we have gained. We took lemons, made lemonade, & then made it a little bit sweeter with honey.

So that is it in a nutshell. That is what brings us here today. I am so excited, & nervous, & ready to begin this stage in life, career, & passion. Please take a few minutes to browse around, leave some comments, & don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram & Facebook. I look forward to getting to know you better. 


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