KIR- Keep It Real: Kid Meals

I don’t get it right all the time- even when it comes to meals. Last Thursday, was one of those days where you are just hanging on till bed time. After taking the kids to the store, I am usually drained & ready for nap time. Between the shopping itself, pushing a full cart- complete with a “car” on the front making it a limo cart, & a keeping two kids from biting, hitting, scratching, & screaming at each other…I am done! It takes everything I have…you understand, I am sure. 

KIR- Keep It Real...I am exhausted...

So this ended up being lunch…in the living room…in front of the tv. Chips, cinnamon toast, cheese (yes, I gave them cheese), & deli meat. Thankfully by the time they finished, it was nap time. Praise the good, good Lord above who sees what I need & gives it to me!

KIR- Give yourself a little grace with kid meals

So on those days when you’re lucky if you get the proverbial it right, don’t be too hard on yourself mom. You are doing a good job. Give yourself a little grace to feed the kids chips & cookies for lunch, because these little people are really hard on us big people. If they are alive & happy & kissed & hugged good night & prayed for…you are doing much better than you think you are. 




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