January 14th: How Are Your Resolutions Going?

So January is almost half way over. How are your 2016 resolutions or goals going? Are you giving yourself grace? Are you chasing perfection over progress (thank you Emily Ley for that beauty)? Well, whether you are holding strong or have already thrown in the towel, there is still time to finish strong. Hey the year just began right?! You have 11 months & 2 weeks still to get it right.

Today I am going to share with you a few of the things that are really helping to keep me on track so far this year. I have not been right-on with everything for the last 2 weeks, but it has been 2 weeks filled with concerted effort & a desire to continue trying because I know I am doing things now that I wasn’t doing just a month ago.

Reluctantly working out, but getting it done none-the-less. Thanks #tiu ladies

[From Instagram: Yes…our computer is still on the floor, but I got my Tone It Up workout done today]

First, let me tell you what the overall resolutions are…

Family/Home: be more present & have my home be a little cleaner & more organized thus less chaotic.

Fitness/Health: workout at least 3x per week (yoga, walking, weights..anything to get moving) & eating 3 full meals a day & 1-2 snacks, plus drinking a lot more water, less coffee, & a lot less soda. This last year, I fell into the mommy trap of getting to the 2pm nap time & realizing I haven’t eaten anything & may have drunk a cup of coffee. I am not following a diet plan. I don’t count calories. Fat free or low calorie is not something that comes in this house. If I want salty, I eat salty. If it is a sweet I am craving, a sweet is what I eat. It is more about the level of REAL in your food & less about the fat/calories, the more packaging you have to go through & the harder it is to get to your food the worse that food is going to be for you. Here’s the break down…100 calories of a crappy, fake snack food is A LOT different from 100 calories of something that came from a plant or animal. A bar of REAL dark chocolate & a scoop of peanut butter, is a lot different than that nasty grocery line chocolate bar. [sorry…rant over]

Work: to actually blog consistently & get the HFL shop off the ground.

Faith: spend more genuine time with Jesus. Whether that is praying, studying, listening to music. Just some time everyday that sets my eyes & heart on him.

heart stings

There are a lot of goals within those goals, but that is the gist of it. Below are a few of the resources I am using to help keep me on track, motivated, & heading in the right direction:

Home: Emily Ley is doing a great Simplicity Challenge this month on her Facebook & Instagram. Everyday, she posts a challenge to simplify your home or life & it is usually something that can be done in a few minutes. Today’s challenge was a donation bag: walk around your house with a bag marked for donation, pick up things that you can donate, put them in the bag & schedule a pick up or take them to your car to be dropped off. I completed this challenge by going through a toy bin & throwing small, broke, ripped things & toys that weren’t age appropriate or missing from bigger items (mine actually become a trash bag though & went directly into the dumpster before my kids knew what I had done). This is a great way to tackle just one small thing a day & move toward a less chaotic home. You could easily jump on board & pick it up today & then finished the first 13 days, during the first 13 days in February.

Fitness: A few years ago, I ran across Karina & Katrina from Tone It Up! [I’m thinking it was on Pinterest]. These two women are so upbeat & light-hearted & encouraging (I want to be encouraged when I’m about to give up, not threatened or yelled at…that’s a good way to get cut). Every January, the TIU girls do the Tone It Up Challenge. For 8 weeks they outline your workouts, provide you with videos or printables, all for free & you can even become a member & get a nutrition plan. The workouts are short (usually 15-25 minutes), can be done at home, & use minimal to no equipment. But oh my heavens, will these workouts ever kick your butt, but they hit all those areas us ladies want to get high & tight. You can still join the challenge simply by signing up here & the workout schedule for the week will be emailed to you. It’s like having an in shape, cute, happy, girlfriend to workout with…did I mention the workouts are short?!

Goals in General: Last week I blogged about my Powersheets & how they are helping me to make this year more intentional & productive. Well, even though the sheets for 2016 are sold out, Lara Casey is doing a five-part blog series on Goal Setting. I am all about encouraging people, because I know what a big difference it makes to be encouraged rather than made to feel guilty. This series of blogs is just that a little dose of encouragement & she does such a fantastic job of spurring you along whether you are knocking it out the park or hitting fouls every time. She gives you great advice for how to set attainable goals & reach those goals a little at a time without feeling like a failure. Again, another wonderful example & lesson about progress not perfection. It is 100% worth the time to read or watch the videos.

heart stings

So now you have a few of the tools I am using to get my year off to a productive, healthy, & encouraging start…what about you? What are your favorite tools to use to help get your 2016 off to a great start? Share with me on Instagram with the hashtag #HFL2016Tools I would love to connect with you & see how your starting this year off.

Marissa Dodgen of Honey Flavored Lemonade

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