It’s OK To Grow Slow- HFL in 2017 || Marissa Dodgen


I love New Years. It is absolutely no secret if you’ve been around HFL since last year or the year before, lol. I love the chance to officially reset, wipe the slate clean, & have a fresh start. It is safe to say it is my favorite holiday next to Christmas.

I get all into New Years (except for the whole party thing…I prefer a very slow quiet way of ringing in the new year, but that might be because I am a mom of small kids, anyway), and it bleeds into all areas of my life, especially work. As 2017 approached, our team sat down for a casual meeting at Starbucks to talk about where we had been & what we wanted to see out of this year.

We were honest about what needed to change & what needed to remain consistent. Overall, we agree that we needed to take a step back & refocus on what makes us HFL. Our hope here is to encourage & inspire this community through honesty, a little bit of sarcasm & laughs, & a lot of biblical truth. We want to create community & that can be hard when you are a small team being pulled in a ton of different directions.

In this culture today, we as people are always told to be more, to do things bigger, & to have it better. But the bible tells us in John 3:30 that we must become less so He can become more. Nowhere in the bible does it tell us to be the best, biggest, brightest, or fastest. It does, however, tell us to in Matthew 6:33 that we are to seek Him first.

With all these things weighting on my mind, we decided it was important to step back from things that draw us away from the mission God has given us. Cultivate What Matters said it well in the Powersheets, when they said “It’s Ok to grow slow” & that is what we are settling into. We are committed to grow slow. Committing to you, our readers & friends, to build trust & community by focusing on building & teaching & writing & sharing. Instead of gaining 5000 followers, we are happy to just build a solid, real community.

Another thing that has been really laid on my heart is the #communityovercompetition (community over competition). I so enjoyed doing the gift guide this Christmas & supporting & promoting other companies & business owners & creatives regardless of what that meant for the sales from our shop. There are a few shops that we as a team love, support, & feel our time on social media & sometimes here on Fridays is better spent helping them grow in their mission, while we flourish in ours. So rather than competing with them, we as a team decided to embrace them & show you how we are using their products in our lives.

That means we are stepping back from things that draw our attention away from writing & teaching, for us that means closing the HFL Shop. After spending more than a full-time work week designing, posting, & promoting products, we realized it took away from our mission here & that is to encourage, inspire, & share truth. We aren’t sure where that leaves the HFL shop or the journal, but we all feel that it is the right thing to do for now.

So that’s were we are & that is what you can expect from us this year…writing. Lots & lots of writing & blogging & sharing. I am excited to simplify our call & instead of “doing all the things” & being an inch deep & a mile wide; we are choosing to be an inch wide & a mile deep.

So what about you? What are you focusing on this year? Tell us on the IG post or on FB, we would love to be able to keep you in our prayers as you tackle this year too.





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