Isn’t That Just The Way It Goes?

Have you ever noticed everything happens at once? In my favorite movie, You’ve Got Mail, the main character has to close her shop. Her livelihood. At the same time, she splits with her boyfriend & then she gets a cold. So not only does she feel like physical crap, but she loses the man in her life & the business she has known daily for 40ish years that her deceased mother started when she was a child. [sidebar: did you know that number 40 represents a time of testing any time it appears in the bible? Chew on that].

Why is it that all the chips fall at the same time? Why can’t God hand us one struggle at a time?Well…James 1:2-3 can answer that:

“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness”

(some translations say perseverance)

“When you meet trials of various kinds”, notice the verse doesn’t say when you meet one trial at a time. Various trials & I take that to mean not only various kinds & various times, but also various trials at one time.

Verse 12 tells us, we are blessed when we remain steadfast or persevere through those trials. We wouldn’t need the perseverance & the strength we developed in our last trail, if our current trial didn’t challenge us & stretch us a little bit more.

Back that up & we wouldn’t have the strength in the first place without having first developed it through multiple trials.

Look at the way exercise works. If we continue to do the same routine over & over with no variation in weight or repetition or set, our muscles will plateau & we will no longer see or feel results. In order to develop a muscle it has to constantly be taxed. More weight, more reps, supersets, HIIT (high intensity interval training- it’s basically the devil in case you where wondering).

Just like our muscles, our faith needs to be taxed. For our faith to grow, we have to be met with things we haven’t dealt with before. We don’t exercise because we hate ourselves, we exercise because we want to be healthy & we want to be able to handle the physical trials life throws our way. In the same way, trials aren’t because God has forgotten us or doesn’t love us, he just wants us to be able to handle what is to come our way & they only way to do that is to develop or exercise our faith.


Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen

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