How To Study The Bible|| James Chapter 4- Part 2

I feel like these last two weeks have been two weeks of learning to give myself a little grace for being behind, but also trusting in God’s timing. My kids had a week off from MDO last week, before the summer program started. They started back this week, but are now going only 2 days per week & on different days then they did during the school year. So this means that my work schedule has been completely flipped around. But, as always, there is a takeaway:

#1- God has specific timing. I had to be ok with not being able to get to the study last week. Not being able to dig in, not being able to get it written, & not being able to post it. I had to step back & just hope that you, on the other side of this screen, would understand how hard it is to get something like this done with kids around. My brain doesn’t function the same when I am interrupted every few minutes because someone is licking someone, eating something, or looking at someone else’s toy. As I sat down today, to write this post, God impressed on my heart that He above all has a plan & His plan has timing. Maybe someone who is reading this wasn’t ready for this last week & He needed it to wait to be posted.

#2- 3 blogs a week is too much for me at this point in my life. Back in this post, I listed my goals for this year & part of that was the hope of 3 blogs per week. But with being a mom of two small kids who works from home & running the shop, writing a book/study, leading bible study, & working on the YouTube channel– the expectation of 3 blogs a week is too much. So I am adjusting my goal to 2 blogs per week for now. Maybe in the fall when both kids are in school 3 days per week, I can readjust it, but for now…just 2.


With that being said, here is Part 2 of James 4. You will quickly notice there will also be a part 3, maybe more. Part 2 only covers 3 verses. That’s it, 3 VERSES. We want to finish a chapter at a time. It is engrained in us to do things in wholes, not to stop half way. To find an appropriate place of completion. So cutting off in the middle of a chapter just doesn’t work in our brains, we feel like we should be able to do more. But here’s the thing about the Word of God, it is deep. Deeper than the ocean, deep. It reaches us where we are every time. One verse can be applied differently to everyone who reads it. Something of that magnitude can’t be consumed whole. The greatest lesson I have been learning over the last year about studying the bible on my own (without being led through a study), is that it sometimes needs to be digested in small parts. I have been in Matthew since February. I haven’t exclusively been reading it, but when I really sit down to study, taking it apart piece by piece, sometimes word by word, it is a lot. Our brains can only handle so much. So this week, 3 verses & you will see why very quickly.

James Chapter 4 part 2

Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen

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