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Yesterday, the HFL Shop launched. Included in the launch was the first look at the HFL Prayer Journal. So what’s this thing all about? Well, it was inspired by the way I had started praying over the summer. Every morning when I would sit down to do bible study, I would write my prayers down. I focused on just one prayer. Pouring my heart out for one thing. The first prayer was written on July 14th & it was about the sturggle I was having with my temper & our 3 year old, I needed accountability & I needed to feel like I had vented, but I needed to vent to God & not to others. It makes sense being that I’m a writer, but for me to really feel like I have let it go & gotten it off my chest, I need to speak it or write it out. So that’s what I was doing. 

This isn’t ground breaking to write your prayers down. A lot of people do that; there’s a whole movie about it. But what was different for me was the next time I sat down to pour my heart out, I left a blank page next to the first prayer…I expected an answer. I started to develop a pattern where I would sit down & pray (journal) whatever it was that was weighing on my mind. Sometimes they were short, just a few sentences. Some days it took multiple pages to let it go. It helped me develop a consistency in my prayers, but more than that I truly felt for the first time that I actually had a prayer life. It was more than just “oh hey God, so & so needs to be healed & so & so is having a baby”. Those prayers are fine & God hears them, but rarely did I ever listen for the answer & this is what journaling has done for me. It has foced me to stop what I am doing & pray & pray honestly. By doing that, I have also noticed that I look for the answers. When I finally hear or notice the answer to prayer, I run back to my journal & jot down the answer. Even just flipping through my journal as I’m writing this, God answered many more than I remember. I have physical proof in my hands that God answers prayers. If that’s not a game changer, I don’t know what is. My hope was that by creating this journal, it would allow others to be blessed through genuine prayer like I have been these last 9 months.

So let’s take a look inside:

example page from Prayer Journal Edition 1 from Honey Flavored Lemonade

This is the layout of the journal pages. The intention behind this layout is to allow room for prayer in the first box & allow room for answers in the second box. The first pass of this journal had a large prayer box & a small answers box. But when I did the redesign, I felt like it was important to make sure ample room was available for the answers. I mean really, shouldn’t the answer be more important than the prayer? The journal is 8.5×11 which leaves enough space for people to pray how it is fitting for them. Some people are artistic or creative & they feel the most free using colored pencils or water colors (The interior pages are printed on 70lb paper to help minimize bleed of any medium used). Then there are people like me who are wordy people & those words just keep flowing till we don’t have any left. Others just don’t know what to say at all & that’s ok, jot down a word or a name or scripture or song lyrics- I’ve done that quite a bit. God doesn’t require us to be fancy or use big words or be impressive, he just wants us to be real & share our hearts with him. 

Each journal contains 3 types of prayer pages:

General prayer pages have a verse at the top to encourage you or lead you deeper into His word. Whatever it is you need to pray about that day, whether it does or doesn’t go with the verse. 

Challenge prayer pages have verses meant to accompany specific prayer into your life. Praying is great. Reading the word is great. But when you bring them together, amazing things & powerful prayer happens. 

Specific prayer pages challenge you to pray for specific areas of your life or the lives of others, but leave it up to the Spirit how it applies to your life. Every person is in a differenet place in their lives & each verse speaks differently to different people. These pages encourage you to pray for your country, people who are hurting, & even people who just pop into your mind. 

This journal was birthed out of my own desire to be “better” at prayer & to be more genuine in my prayer life. Not just praying for others or when things are going wrong or right, but coming to God in the quiet of my own heart & praying for my life & attributes of God that I want. In total each journal has 80 prayer pages. So the hope is to release a new journal every few months [hence: Edition 1] to give continued challenge & change to our prayer lives, because it’s important to keep our prayer lives moving & active because just like stagnant water, it can get stinky. 

So that’s what its all about. I hope you love it & I would love to hear your feed back on Instagram or Facebook using the #hflprayerjournal. 

        Marissa, blogger writer own @ Honey Flavored Lemonade

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