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HFL Christmas Gift Guide || Honey Flavored Lemonade

Who doesn’t like to hear about great products? Who isn’t stumped every year at Christmas? Stumped by what to buy that hard-to-buy-for person on your list, or stumped by what to ask for yourself when you receive the inevitable “what would you like for Christmas?” Which is shortly followed by…”umm, well…” [insert shaking hands, sweaty palms, & the nervous bathroom break]

Ok, well, maybe it isn’t that bad, but whatever the reaction, we are here to help. We have curated a small list of companies we absolutely love, along with ordering deadlines to give you a small jump on your Christmas shopping.

May Designs Order deadline for Christmas delivery 12/10

This company designs beautiful paper products from lined, grid, or blank notebooks to calendars, gratitude journals, & much more. The quality is amazing. You can also personalize all their products with a name or monogram or short phrase & they have hundreds of cover options to choose from. They have even put together their own gift guide to help you navigate their amazing products & narrow it down for that special person in your life (check that out here). They also offer product tags, which honestly are amazing in themselves & gift wrap if you are looking for something to really put your gift over the top.  Check out how beautiful this Gratitude Journal & Personal Calendar are.

May Designs- Gift Guide || Honey Flavored Lemoande

Calendar- May Designs- Gift Guide || Honey Flavored Lemonade


Powersheets by Cultivate What Matters*: Christmas delivery 12/15  New Years delivery 12/22

We love the Powersheets around here. If you have been around HFL for any length of time you have probably seen them or read about them. I even wrote about them a few posts back. Powersheets were a game changer for me. I think everyone should use them, but they are really great for anyone who is taking on something new, feels stuck, or just wants to really get the new year started off right. Couple this with Lara Casey’s book Make It Happen & you have a truly winning, life-changing combination. But the Cultivate What Matters shop has even more to offer. One of the products I have on my wish list is the Write The Word Journals, which is a collection of journals that daily require you to write out the word of God. I am a firm believer in writing things down & these journals do just that.

2017 Powersheets- Gift Guide || Honey Flavored Lemonade


Natalie Borton– Order Deadline December 19th

Let’s take just a quick break from paper & talk about Natalie Borton. She makes beautiful, handmade necklaces out of her home. Her Dylan necklace is one of my new favorites & I absolutely intend on adding to my collection. The quality on her pieces is amazing, but my favorite thing is how simple each piece is. They are not fussy & they don’t feel super delicate which is a good thing when you are talking about a having little kids running around. I have worn mine with t-shirts & sweaters & under scarves. They truly are the perfect accessory for the women who wants effortless style, but still a meaningful, durable product. Don’t forget to follow her on social media too because she has a pretty awesome feed. But she even did us one better, along with the amazing Dylan necklace (below) she sent us a link for 10% YOUR first order…what?! And if your gifted loves their necklace as much as I do, they can even sign up for their own link to get 30% off a future product. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love that?

Natalie Borton shop- Gift Guide || Honey Flavored Lemonade


Simplified Planner*: Order Deadline December 9th

Come on. You didn’t think we would do a gift guide without including one of our favorite products ever, did you? The Simplified Planner is perfect for the women (or man…they have an awesome line geared toward the men, too) that has a schedule that goes on for days or a to-do list a mile long. Since I started using mine this year, I haven’t missed one appointment (ok…well one, but it was a hair appointment I wrote down on the wrong day & wrong time…sorry, Lauren). I have felt so organized & together. I keep it on my desk, open to the current day & I know exactly what needs to be done. But what makes this planner special is the women behind it at EmilyLey.com & over on their social media. They are encouraging & just help to get you through the day-to-day with grace for yourself & no claims of perfection. If you have a woman in your life who truly needs to hear that message, you can couple the journal with Emily’s book, Grace Not Perfection. I believe it is a message every one of us mamas or women need to hear. What better time is there to start holding yourself to a standard of better – instead of more – than the new year?

Val Marie Paper– Order Deadline December 15th

Let me just say, first of all, that Valerie‘s blog is awesome. She brings truth in a straightforward but thoughtful way. I know personally, I feel challenged & rejuvenated when I read her blog. Her shop is equally awesome. Like many shop owners on this post, her products were designed out of a need in her own life. She has some amazing prayer journals including the Start Fresh journal, which our team was amazed by – I wish you could have heard the “ooh” & “awe” as this journal went around the table. I am so excited to use this for the new year. The quality is amazing, but it is the content that truly is one-of-a-kind. Let me just give you an excerpt of the opening of this journal…

“Is your prayer life in need of a fresh start? Our starting point is our knees. Before we start doing, acting and trying to make things happen, we need to surrender it all to God. This is the most powerful thing we can do. I think we know this. I think we all want a deeper prayer life, but we’ve got so many things holding us back.”

To be 100% real. ^ that right there…brings tears to my eyes, because it is exactly where I find myself right now. I am so happy to be given the opportunity to start this journal; if you know someone in your life who just needs a fresh start this year or in 2017, this would be a perfect gift. But she also offers many other products in her shop to encourage you in your walk with God. Take a few minutes to check it out & order a journal for someone in your life (& maybe one for yourself too).

Val Marie Paper- Gift Guide || Honey Flavored Lemonade


Speaking of prayer journals…don’t forget about the HFL Shop. We have added multiple products to the shop this Christmas season. Our shipping deadline is December 10th on all products except our Christmas Bundle which is the 7th (Wednesday). We would love to be included under your tree this year. Our hope is to give you products that encourage you in your walk with Christ & remind you how treasured & equipped you are. We hope to be part of your Christmas as well.

So there you go…our 2016 Christmas Gift Guide. But it’s not over….from now until December 24th we will be giving gift ideas over on our Instagram & Facebook pages, so make sure to connect with us there if you haven’t already. Merry Christmas!

*this post contains affiliate links.

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