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#hflbookclub book review: books that are good for your heart & soul reviewing Penduka by Joy McMillian & My Father

Ok…so I totally realize it isn’t April anymore. I get it, but these are my April books & were supposed to be done last month, but last month was *c*r*a*z*y. It was super busy month, but also a very exciting month, which means it was kind of a exhausting month–so here are last month’s books 13 days late and because last month was so crazy, I only have two reviews to share with you but they are both fantastic in their own way.

Penduka by Joy McMillian

If you have a dream or you know you have a purpose but you don’t know exactly what it is or how to go about it or are afraid to go for…this is a book for you. Joy is a brilliant writer & she very seamlessly weaves together the passions God has placed in our lives with the gumption we each have to go for it. This is one of those kick-in-the-pants type of books that just makes you want to chase your dreams. I highly recommend reading this book with a highlight & maybe a few different colored pens & a notebook. But to make this book even more awesome, there is a study you can buy to accompany it, to really help you dig into the concepts she discusses in the book. Here are just a few things that I highlighted as I went through:

“We long for extraordinary. Because we were created for it. But we dismiss the ordinary in our never-ending search for the extra.”

“Penduka is a whisper of more and a battle cry of hope. It is an opportunity to stop sleepwalking through life, to say no to numbly surviving and yes to a life lived fully alive. This book is an open invitation to wake up your soul”

“While joy cannot actually be taken without our permission (it cannot be ‘stole’- we surrender it), it is up to us to guard it and avoid the things that threaten to suck it from our lives”

My Father’s House by Rose Chandler Johnson

This book is special because I just so happen to have the pleasure of living next door to the author & actually heard about the book a few years ago when I was in Rose’s living room helping her set up her blog. This is Rose Chandler Johnson’s second book, but her first novel. A few years ago, she also wrote a beautiful devotional called God, Me, & Sweet Iced Tea. I was absolutely sucked into My Father’s House by the end of the second chapter. The main character Lily Rose makes you want to hug her & slap a bit of sense into her at the same time. We meet Lilly as a young girl & journey with her through college & marriage & life. Rose has done a great job of writing with just enough surprise to keep you reading & wondering what is going to happen next; not so serious to stress you out, but enough to keep your interested. As you read you can smell the southern air & just imagine the creaks of old screen doors & wood floors– the imagery in this book is great. It is the perfect read for the beach or a nice porch swing with a glass of sweet tea on a lazy summer day.

Now that the lazy days of summer are here, hopefully I will have a more loaded book review for you next month. Until then, connect with me on Instagram & see what my next read is.

Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen

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