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Have you ever noticed when things get bad we get low?

Lay down. Curl up. Drop to our knees. Sit on the floor.

As a means to escape, we take a low posture. Maybe it is a need for us to feel protected & block out the outside world. Maybe it is to focus on what currently ails us. I don’t know. But have you ever noticed that? (Feel free to answer out loud) When things get bad, we get low & I don’t mean in a dance floor, split your pants sort of way.

When I reflect on this, I immediately think about a time when my mommy struggle was at its height. I sat on the floor in my bedroom & just stared into space. I remember momentarily needing to feel like I didn’t exist. Another time for the exact same reason, I laid on the floor & cried out to God, almost screaming, “where are you? “, as I sat bunched up in a ball with my face on the floor. Maybe it’s not the floor for you, maybe it is laying covered up in your bed or curled up in a chair, but the common theme here is we get low & we get small.

Get Low- Posture of Prayer || Honey Flavored Lemonade

That makes me think of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Matthew 26:39 tells us that Jesus fell on his face when he prayed. God’s own son, fell on his face in prayer. If the perfect son of God, sent to this world to take away our sins, who sits at the right hand of his father in heaven falls on his face in the hours before his death, wouldn’t it make sense that we do the same?

In John 11:32, Mary falls at Jesus’ feet after her brother’s death & if you think of where she was in life- she lost her brother & the man who could save him was standing in front of her. She was probably equally devastated & angry, but near-the-less she still fell at his feet.

Genesis 17 recalls God appearing to Abraham & says in verse 3 that Abraham fell on his face. He wasn’t praying, but he was talking with God (in his presence) & out of reverence & sheer respect, he fell to his knees.

In Exodus 3, Moses hides his face when God starts talking to him through the bush. He didn’t fall, but Hebrew translations tells us that to hide means “keep close, hide self”.

It makes sense huh? When we are in a place left begging for our Heavenly Father, we keep close or hide ourselves, get low, or get small.  Maybe it is a natural, ingrained reverence for Him or maybe it is naturally our way of becoming vulnerable as a reminder that we desperately need Him.

Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen

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