Friday Favs

I am really digging this Friday Favs post thing. Sometimes we get lost in the world of social media & the “highlight reel” that it is. We forget that there are oops moments & that sometimes that picture you liked that looks perfect was a happy accident your friend stumbled into. Don’t get caught in the comparison & the trap of weighing your life next to another. The only thing we should weigh our lives next to is the commandments, encouragements, & expectations that Jesus so clearly gave us in the bible. Love God & serve others. That has been what has been sticking for me this week. If you do that…love God & serve others, you won’t have to worry about what the Joneses have or where the Smiths went on vacation because you will find a new contentment in your life. This week for me is full of those happy accidents & moments I stumbled into, so here’s a bit of back story behind the picture:

1. Crispy Treats: Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Friday Favs- Adult Crispy Rice Treats

Last weekend I needed a last-minute desert to take to small group & a video tutorial of crispy treat pinwheels popped up in my facebook feed. I ran with the idea but changed it as usual & came up with one of the most glorious desserts ever. Adult Crispy Treats. All you have to do is make crispy treats as you normally would but melt chocolate & peanut butter over the top & then roll it like sushi (dark chocolate is what made them more adult). Oh. My. Word. These suckers flew out of the pan at small group. I’m telling you that you need these in your life. I will caution you though, that you might want to let them cool in the fridge just a bit, other wise the treats will probably start to fall apart in your hand. 

2. Southern Sunsets

Friday Favs- Southern Sky

There isn’t much quite equivalent to the color in a southern sunset during the winter. Last night as I rounded the corner into our kitchen, the walls were fire orange as opposed to their normal pale yellow & this is the view I saw when I looked out of our window. That giant window in our kitchen isn’t always a welcome addition, but when there are views like this it sure is. 


3. Prayer Journal Proof

Friday Favs- Prayer Journal Proof

Y’all?! I can’t even begin to tell you how surreal it is to have a rough draft in my hands. It was the craziest feeling to open that box & see something I created come out. I am so thankful that God has given me a heart for prayer & that He has given me the ability to be able to get that passion for prayer & prayer life out onto paper. This is just a sneak peek of the journal & some changes to be made. I have actually decided to simplify it even more. Make sure you are following me on Instagram to get the latest update (you can even see cover shot there). 

3. Fav of the week: Hearing our 4-year-old “read” to his little sister.

Friday Favs reading

These two just make my heart pitter patter with their relationship. They won’t leave the house or take a nap or even go outside without giving the other a hug or kiss. They give hugs during the day just because. They wrestle & pretend & chase each other & act silly together. She follows him around & copies everything he does. He follows her around to make sure she is following the rules & won’t do something to get hurt. They fight & squeal like cats & dogs & tattle on each other more times during the day than I can count. She has picked up his bad habits & he is bossy with her. But man oh man, do I ever love these two. This moment right here was one of those moments I envisioned when we had kids, so to have caught the first time (that I know of) on camera trumps every other favorite ever. 


So what are your favorite moments from this week? Share with me on Instagram using the hashtag #HFLfridayfavs. 

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