Foundations Wrap Up, But What’s Next? || Marissa Dodgen

This month we took you through what we hope has helped to clear up some confusion about Bible study, quiet time, & some of the tools at your disposal. We will revisit Foundations later this year, but for now we have discussed what the Foundations series is, Quiet Time, Bible Study, how your heart factors into it, Bible translations, & commentaries.

One thing our entire team wanted to leave you with was this: the whole point of Bible study is growing in a relationship with God – not following the rules and doing what you “should do” to be a “good Christian.” As you study the Bible or have quiet time, the point isn’t to know more than so-and-so or to be able to get the questions right next time your group meets. The object is to know God more – to have a better understanding of His character & the love Christ has for us. Don’t make it another thing in life to be done the “right way,” but study & meditate on the Word focused on Him, not the world. Don’t get caught up in the shoulds & do nots & more rules. Instead, get caught up in the character & truth & foundation we have built, that is Him…not all the things.

Our hope for this month & moving forward is to come alongside of you & usher you into a deeper walk with Christ & a more passionate love for the scriptures. There is no source in your life that is full of more truth, encouragement, hope, & sustenance than the words of God. If you still want more information, come & connect with us on Instagram or Facebook. We would love to help you find more resources or clear up confusion, or just answer questions & celebrate new understanding. But we can’t simply leave it here & go back to regular blogging…nope! Lets take these tools, principles, & ideas we discussed this month & put them straight into practice.

Every year in April we hear the Easter story & every year some of the significance of that story is lost on us. So next week, we are going to dive head first into the cross- before it, after it, & during it. We are going to tackle the prophecy of Christ’s birth & death, the crucifiction, resurrection & how the Old Testament ties in. Following Easter Sunday, we will dig into what our response to all of this should be from a historical perspective & a heart perspective. We know the story & we know it is big & we know it has shaped our lives to this very moment, but what makes it significant & amazing & earth shattering? Join us back here, starting Monday for the Real Story of Easter.



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