Easy lunch || Kid Lunches Series

It is hard to pack for lunch & keep it interesting, regardless of who it is for. Kids, especially young kids, can be a little more of a challenge. Throw food allergies into the mix & good grief….it’s enough to cause you to go gray. With that in mind, I wanted to start a series to give you ideas for lunch. Whether for school or work [for mom & dad] or just a trip to grandma’s for the day. The goal is well-rounded, healthy, but still tasty lunches. 

The ones I post will be free from eggs, wheat, diary, as much soy as possible, & peanuts; but you can easily change it up to meet your specific needs. Lisa Leake over at 100 Days of Real Food has an amazing category for school lunch ideas if you are not avoiding certain foods, but still want to give your family whole, unprocessed food [check that out here]. 

kid lunch

This particular lunch is 4 rolled slices of deli Turkey (Applegate has a delicious organic lunch meat), organic baby carrots, organic red delicious apples (cored & sliced), & 1/4 cup Vanilla Coconut yogurt. To drink B usually gets 1/2 organic apple juice & 1/2 water, but I forgot to fill the cup up before I took the picture. Ha!

Have an idea, a great kid/toddler meal, or want to see more school lunch ideas? Check out my instagram feed for more, I’d love to get to know you. Use the hashtag #hflkidfood to join in. 

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