How can I dream & still accomplish God’s will?

I know I need to post something today. Mainly because one of the areas I am working on heavily in life is consistency. Consistency in writing, blogging, eating, exercise, study, etc. It’s not that I don’t want to write today. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say….quite the opposite actually. I have so much to say, I don’t really know where to start, so I figured I would start typing, pray as I went, & see where it takes me. 

Update on Prayer Journal: I am feverishly working on the journal. I was hoping to roll it out this month, but it will most likely roll out with the rest of the shop. As of right now a tentative date for the shop opening is March 16th. The best place to keep up on that & get little sneak peeks is on Instagram, so hop on over & follow along if you don’t already. 

I’m writing a book: I am actively writing a book. I don’t know exactly when I will be done with this. I’m thinking about writing a proposal & sending it to agents, editors, whoever that would need to go to (clearly I am well versed on this, lol). 

#FrontPorchTruths: after a good number of requests & some shoves in the right direction from friends, I am working on a devotional that goes along with my #frontporchtruths hashtag. My *hope* is to have that out in the fall. October is what I am shooting for, but we will see what God does with it. 

Shop: I am working on print products for the shop. Right now it is looking like the prayer journal, inspirational prints to hang in your house or workspace, & the books of course. If there is something you would maybe like to see, I am all ears. 

Conference: My friend, Erika, is feeding my soul in many ways, but mostly by holding my feet to fire when it comes to dreaming & following God’s lead in my life despite how unqualified I feel. As an adult, it can be so hard to allow ourselves to dream & to look beyond the normal & to the extraordinary. Some dreams are just that dreams, but some dreams may just be God encouraging us to walk into His purpose for our lives. It was only ever a dream I had to write a book, but when God really started laying it on my heart & I listened, I saw this dream & this plan he had for me take off. God didn’t design us to be ok with mundane. He has called us to a dangerous life of pursuing him at all costs & walking in his will regardless of the world thinking we are nuts. He has given us to ability to dream & the desire to seek out his calling for our lives. I promise, if you ask anyone what it feels like to walk in God’s will [no matter how big or small in the world’s eyes] they will tell you it is better, bigger, & more fulfilling than they ever imagined. 

One of my dreams as of lately has been to be a part of a conference for woman. Erika & I share similar dreams. We have been encouraging each other & seeking God & his calling together. But we have also been dreaming together & I will tell you dreaming about God’s plan & God’s will in our lives has been one of the most amazing experiences. To watch God so clearly work in both of our lives is the coolest thing ever. So, over the next year we are putting together a conference. A conference for dreamers. A conference for woman to bond with other dreamers & encourage each other to dream inside of God’s plan. I can’t wait to share more with you ladies as this dream of ours becomes a reality. But as of right now, that is all I have for you. 

So I ask you…..what is your dream?

Marissa Dodgen of Honey Flavored Lemonade



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