Why Do We Let Our Passions Die?

I was sitting in a bookstore & across the cafe an older man, at least 70 maybe even closer to 80, was learning a new skill. A skill he was clearly very passionate about.

He was being taught how to use his brand-new e-reader. Once he had it all figured out & had purchased a few books, the staff person looked at his wife & said

“…and now you can do whatever you want because he’ll be reading”.

As they got up to leave, I saw the age in his face; but more than that I saw a. He now had, with the tap of a screen, any book his heart desired. Books, something he clearly loved, all at his fingertips.

Why Do We Let Our Passions Die?


It made me think how our generation just seems to allow life to kill our passions. For whatever reasons… age, finances, jobs, parenthood, responsibilities, etc. We spend so much time doing what we “have” to, that we forget about what we want.  We are so “connected” to others- even though how connected are we really- that we forget to connect with ourselves. Our passions fly out the window with the summer breeze as we graduate & move into adulthood because we don’t seem to have time. Why do we do that?

I just want you to ponder that question. If you have an answer, share it with me on Instagram. Why do we let our passion die? What passion have you let go of because the-every-day is pulling rank?

Honey Flavored Lemonade by Marissa Dodgen


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