Dream & Don’t Stop

One of the hardest things about pursuing something you are truly passionate about, is being taken seriously. It it hard to be taken seriously by others. Shoot, it’s hard to be taken seriously by yourself sometimes, especially when you get questions or comments like:

“you do what?”
“what a fun hobby.”
“do you get paid?”
“how much?”
“oh, what’s your degree in?”
“who do you work for?”

You frequently get these questions & comments when you chase your passion on a professional level. Often it can feel like you’re being torn down, even when the person asking isn’t intending to do so- but is simply curious.

You see we are an enigma in today’s culture. A dreamer. A chaser. A pursuer. Most people just go where the wind or their employer takes them. Some people don’t really have a “dream” that is anything more than a dream. It would be cool if it happened, but they’re not going to pursue it, so they just dream. There is nothing wrong with that.

But then… there are those of us who turn our dreams into our goals and those goals lead us down paths that cause us to question Every. Single. Decision. We. EVER. Make. We are the dreamers, that become the doers, that become the faces of the “oh that would be so cool to do that” comments.

But what we don’t even realize, is those questions don’t tear us down- but tear into the subconscious, or sometimes conscious, doubts we have in ourselves.

We go for & pursue what our hearts desire & yet we spend a lot of time talking ourselves out of what we are doing. We start a business or a blog or a book; we go for what we want & we convince ourselves that we are legit. But when well-meaning people ask us what we’re doing or what we’ve been up to we don’t say…

“I’m writing a book”
“I’m writing for my first album”
“I opened a shop”
“I’ve started a yoga school”

What we do is beginning to tear ourselves down by saying:

“I’m doing a bit of writing, but only when I’m not breaking up fights over toys”
“I started a small online shop with a few little products”
“I’ve been playing a few shows here & there”
“oh, just teaching few classes”

We desperately want to tell them all we’ve been up to & how excited we are & how hard we’ve been working. But, instead, we get scared & don’t have the confidence to say… hey, I’m legit & working my tail off & maybe I am or am not getting paid to do what I want [lol], but I am chasing my dream.

Don’t get lost in the trap that being successful only means making a full-time salary or having a matching degree or employed by a Fortune 500 company or published or “in-demand”.

Don’t tear into your own ability because you are afraid people will question you. Of course they will question you. You’re rare. You’re an enigma. People always question what they don’t understand or what they can’t or won’t do themselves.

Don’t be afraid to be legit & don’t forget every person who does something started somewhere. Don’t think you have to be paparazzi famous to have a career.

I stumbled upon a revelation a few months ago- so bear with me if you figured this out a long time ago- the actors & actresses that are in commercials & do holiday-style movies aren’t winning Oscars & making millions upon millions of dollars & living in 15,000 square foot homes in Calabasas or Beverly Hills; But.. they are doing what they love & making a career out of it. They are working actors & actresses.

This was mind-blowing for me. Many of them aren’t “famous” or racking in the dough, they are just making enough to pay for dance classes or football camp or to cover the mortgage. They get up in the morning & go to work, just like you & I do. They may not have an assistant or be a CEO of a major corporation or be able to afford Dior, but they are working for a living doing something they are passionate about.

I may never be published by a big company or have my books in the new release section of Barnes & Noble, but that in no way takes away from the fact that I am a writer. I may never make even a part-time income (although I sure hope I do) from my shop, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I opened a shop & design products for women & moms & dreamers to encourage them in their life.

It is great to dream. Use that dream to design a goal & when you have a goal, take a step, regardless of the how small…then another….then another. Then turn around & take a look at what you’re doing….

You are pursuing your dream! Now take your first step by heading over to Instagram & telling me what your dream is & what your first step is going to be.


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