Depleted || Marissa Dodgen

Parenthood is in total contrast to the way I am wired.

I need alone time: They are always around.

I like control, order, & quiet: They are 3 & 5, there is nothing controlled, in order, or quiet about them.

I like people to be respectful & kind: well, again, 3 & 5. You don’t have to teach kids to be rude or selfish.

Almost everyday I am annoyed, at my wit’s end, & wonder what God was thinking when he gave me– very Type-A, introverted, easily drained by people (yes, even my people) me — all this to manage.

Thank Him, that He knows I am capable of more than I feel like I am (as I am typing this, this is the song playing on the radio- sending me a little message I see). Thank Him, that He equipped me with the tools I need to get through the days I consider locking myself out of the house. Thank Him, that I know he didn’t make a mistake when He multiplied this family. And thank Him, He sent my very own Christ to pick me up, fill in my short comings, & gives me the grace & the mercy I desperately need at moments like this.

Now please excuse me while I go make some more coffee.


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