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As with all the stories we have talked about so far, the history of David is important to the full story of David & Goliath. The full story is found in 1 Samuel, and David’s story starts in Chapter 16.

But before we jump into reading, I need to say this: we are all busy & most of us are balancing more plates than we have hands. However, the most valuable “to do” a Christian can check off is to daily spend time in the Word. No time in the Word, regardless of how small, is ever wasted. You may not have time to sit down & do this entire blog study in one sitting. That’s fine, and I guarantee that if you broke it up into smaller sections & worked through it a little at a time, you would still get just as much (or more) out of it as if you did it straight through in one sitting.

So with that in mind, start reading in 1 Samuel 16 & go through 17. That’s all you need to do for now. I recommend an ESV (Like this one) or NASB (or like this one) translation, but you can read in any translation that makes the most sense to you. Take your time reading the about the earliest years of David. His story is essential to the lineage of Christ, so it is a good story to know well. I sure wish I knew it better.

Now that you have read through both chapters, lets do a recap so we are on the same page:

16:2- Samuel is specifically sent to Jesse the Bethlemite to find the new king among his sons

16:7- The Lord directs Samuel not to pay attention to how he looks, specifically his size.

16:8-13- Samuel passes through all of Jesse’s sons, but knew the moment he saw David, he was the one the Lord was showing him.

16:18-23- David was given a special assignment to help ease King Saul through his episodes of being terrorized by evil spirits by playing his harp & because of this Saul began to love David.

Lets move on to chapter 17, now that we are on the same page about how David came to the scene.

Referring to verses 1-3, how were the camps positioned to each other?

Starting in verse 4, Samuel describes Goliath. Honestly, all of those numbers & units of measurement are a different language to me (because litterally they are a different language), but it’s important to understand the sheer size of Goliath in order to have an idea of why Saul’s men were so afraid.

**Now before I get into this, please understand that numbers are not my forte. I am clearly a words person, but I tried my best to understand the conversions.

height (verse 4): 6 cubits (18 inches) & a span (9 inches) = 9.75 ft tall

armored coat (verse 5): 5,000 shekles of bronze (about 11 grams) = 55,000 grams = 121 lbs

spear head (verse 7): 600 shekles of iron (about 11 grams) = 6,600 = 14 pounds [this seems like small potatoes, but stick a 15 pound dumbbell on the end of construction beam & give it a fling]

Shekel for shekel, this was a big stinking dude. People think my husband is big at 6’6″ & this guy makes my husband look like a child. But it wasn’t his size alone that scared Saul’s soilders. In verse 8, what does Goliath do over and over, and for how many days? You will have to read a bit further to find that answer.

How does David find his way to the battle field?

In verse 26, David speaks up, maybe a bit out of turn, but he certainly speaks up.

What does he say?

What response is he met with?

What is his final response in verse 32?

What is Saul’s response?

A few posts ago, Jessica took us through Joseph’s experience of bragging a little bit. And do you remember how his brother’s handled that?

How does David’s bragging in verses 34-35 differ from Joseph’s experience?

What does David do in verse 37 that seals the deal for him to go to battle? What kind of character does this show?

As we continue, we find Saul giving David his best armor. In the end David refuses the armor and the sword, choosing what iconic weapon in its place?

What does this choice of weapon say about David? Is he relying on his weapons to get him through the battle…or is he relying on God to get him through the battle? Go back to verse 37 if you’re not sure.

Accoring to verse 47, how does the Lord’s deliverance in battle differ from how a battle is normally waged and won?

For the most part, we know the rest of the story. David, with the Lord’s guidence & good training, plants a nice smooth rock right in between the eyes of Goliath. Then he runs to the giant & cuts Goliath’s huge head off with his own sword. I don’t remember hearing that in Sunday school! Do you?

So why does this matter? What is the importance? First of all, we know from earlier in this series that the Lord promised land to the Israelites, & He also promised that they would conquer each of those lands. This is an extension of that, but there is a very applicable lesson that I couldn’t help but pick up on as I read.

Go back & read 1 Samuel 16:7 and 12 & 17:33 and 42. What common theme do you see in reguard to David?

In 1 Timothy 4:11, Paul advises Timothy about this very thing. What does he say?

Throughout David’s story, reference is made to his youth & his stature. They are used in contrast to Goliath’s size and stature, but what else does Goliath have over David accoridng to verse 33?

God could have used anyone to defeat the giant, but he used a young boy to do it. His power & His sovereignty are on full display in David’s story. Through this battle & defeat we see that no obstacle, regardless of how insurmountable it may seem, can stand against God & His plan. In 17:26, David refers to Goliath as an “uncircumcised Philistine” that defies “the armies of the living God”. This shows us that Goliath was not of God’s chosen people. He was uncirsumcised, which – according to the covenant Abraham made with God in Genesis 17 – puts Goliath & his army in oppostion to God & His people. Despite his size and his training and his weapons, he still fell….not so much to David, as to God. Because no one… NO ONE… can stand in oppostion to God and His plan.

So, friend, I have a challenge for you: if life is beating you down right now… if you feel more like the armies who were scared to death, than David who was ready to fight…I encourage you to get on your knees and pray through what it is that is beating you down. Keep David’s story in mind. Tether your heart to God & have faith that it will work out. Just like David versus Goliath, it will work out. Pray for your own sling and stone and remember: you are a child of the One, True God. The same God who used David to defeat Goliath.

If we can pray for you and your battle, just click that connect link at the top right of your screen or message us on social media. We will be happy to pray for you or with you.




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