Citrus Tarragon Salmon with Italian Spring Pasta Salad ||Easy, Quick, & Healthy Meal

Citrus Tarragon Salmon is one of my first recipes. I started eating this in college, when I was working as a personal trainer. This was also my first lesson in herbs. The key is if they smell like they would work together, most likely, they will. To me, tarragon has a very bright smell that pairs well with the citrus. I used bottled lemon juice in college because that is what my mom always had around -PSA: please don’t use that, get some fresh citrus. This truly is one of the easiest meals ever. 3 ingredients (salt & pepper are freebies) & only 20 minutes from prep to table. 

citus taragon salmon & italian veggie pasta 3

In case you don’t know, salmon is a nutritional power-house. It is incredibly high in omega-3 fatty acids (the good fat). Plus a low-calorie content like most seafood, makes this a fantastic “diet” food (I use that term sparingly because the word diet kind of burns my biscuits… but more on that in another article). I actually use salmon as part of my beauty regimen. Omega-3s are very good for hair, skin, & nails; knowing that, anytime my skin starts to look dull or I’m getting a break out, I load up on salmon & within a few days my skin looks great and the added benefit of being figure friendly is nice too.  

The Italian Spring Pasta Salad is another quick meal & is inspired by that nasty, boxed, fake pasta salad– that I used to LOVE. It is almost embarrassing how much I loved that stuff. You know the one I’m talking about: the spiral, colored pasta with the white seasoning packet, & the dried almost non-existent “vegetables”. Yep, that one! I loved stuff. I could eat a whole box of it & sometimes I did. But ugh, that nastiness that is contained in that box.

citus taragon salmon & italian veggie pasta 2


So I decided to make a healthy, veggie packed version that was super simple & can be served warm, cold, or at room temperature making it a perfect addition to BBQ or picnic. I paired it with the salmon to give the meal a little bulk & give the feeling of fullness without the tired, heavy feeling that often goes along with feeling full. One of the great things about this dish is that most of the vegetables are available year-round or you can find something very close them as a substitute. The pasta is the only starch/carb in the meal, so your body will burn it very efficiently. Always a plus. 


citus taragon salmon & italian veggie pasta 1

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