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So let’s get real here…. I am trying so hard to be consistent with blogging, but it is so hard. I have a good bit going on with the business side of things & I am having trouble keeping up.

My hope is to blog 3x per week with one blog being about intention & purpose, another a teaching/devotional blog, & a random, true-to-life blog. But here is the for real: it is so hard. I have 2 small kids, so sometimes my time to be able to sit down & write, is limited. I’m still learning to schedule time to write & be creative (that is not as easy as it sounds either). Us creatives, tend to create when the mood strikes, but when you turn creative into a business, you end up having to force creative; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Last week it didn’t.

I only have 2 true work days- Wednesday & Friday- while my kids are both in preschool, then I try to fit in a little bit of work/writing/bible study prep/& exercise into the 2 hours the littlest one sleeps. During those days, I also have to schedule meetings & appointments, so my writing/blogging time is cut into even more. So please forgive my lack of consistency, it is not because I don’t want to be here & share, sometimes I just run out of brain power. Well…a lot of the time.

So here is the skinny on everything that is going on at HFL:

  • Devotional: Still working on it, but God changed my direction so I am just settling into prayer about the topic of it.
  • Prayer Journal: I am over half way through with edition 1. I have about 30 more pages to set up & then a few pages to write before it officially goes to print
  • HFL Shop: Opening March 16th. Which means the deadline for having shop items complete, including the journal, is less than a month away.
  • Book: I knew God was calling me to write a book, but the topic was a bit fuzzy & I was running away from the commitment of it. But the outline is done.
  • Speaking: I have been asked to be a speaker at our church’s first women’s conference. This is my first speaking engagement & I am studying my tail off to be ready for April 27th.
  • Periscope: I am eventually going to start a Periscope. I am already on there @MarissaHFL, I just haven’t posted anything yet [to be honest, I’m a bit scared]
  • Improved website: I am adding an addition of the shop (but you knew that) & a videos section, that will be more along the lines of teaching sessions & True-To-Life stuff because you feel som much more connected to someone when you hear their voice & see their face.

I am working a lot behind the scenes, so I forget to update the screen [ie: blog] sometimes. But, you can always check out Instagram & see what I am up to & get updates & stuff. Thank you for hanging in there…hoepfully I will have something more for you tomorrow, if not though, check back Friday.

Marissa Dodgen @ Honey Flavored Lemonade

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